Will it be possible? Formula 1 wants to have a Grand Prix in South Africa again

Fórmula 1

The first time a Big prize in South Africa of Formula 1, which distributed points for the championship, was in 1962. The golden age of the top flight witnessed one of the most anticipated races by pilots. The circuit of Kyalami It is one of the most difficult and those that faced the most important drivers in history, with a unique challenge on the calendar.

In the last hours, strong rumors began to circulate of a possible return of Formula 1 to the African country. A few years ago, the former president of the category, Bernie ecclestone, He wanted to take the cars to the Kyalami circuit. This was part of a project he had to expand the market, among which was Argentina and Mexico (which finally returned to the calendar).

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The arrival of Liberty Media To the leadership of the category, he brought historical returns to the calendar, some forced by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and others due to the impulse of the fans. One of them is Zandvoort, in Holland. The spare parts of the circuit that housed historic races, allowed it to be part of the calendar in 2020, which the pandemic forced to cancel. In 2021, the action will return to the track.

South Africa

The director of the project for the return of the race to African soil has a more than well-known surname. Warren scheckter, nephew of Jody scheckter, Formula 1 champion in 1979, ruled on a possible return of the Grand Prix, which has the most winner in its history to Jim Clark, with four victories. The last race to be held was in 1993, and Alain Prost he was the winner.

“The date that we still set in 2022, but this may change due to the coronavirus. It is more realistic to think of 2023. South Africa is the best place to play a Grand Prix in Africa due to its history with sport, “said the president of the project, according to the SoyMotor.com media, which ensures that Lewis Hamilton is a great promoter of this race.

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