A rock! Yana Kunitskaya, surprised with the strength of Katlen Vieira at UFC Vegas 19

A rock!  Yana Kunitskaya, surprised with the strength of Katlen Vieira at UFC Vegas 19

Yana Kunitskaya (14-5 MMA, 4-2 UFC) left interesting phrases in these hours, pointing to Katlen Vieira. After defeating her at UFC Vegas 19, the aforementioned made it clear that she was surprised by the strength she presented, which was an inconvenience for her in the Octagon. This Saturday, although she beat him in a good way, she had reasons to be knocked out by her rival in the cage.

Thus, Kunitskaya She acknowledged the following: “When I was preparing for this camp, one of my training partners was Kayla Harrison. She is a very strong girl, so I was preparing for a fighter who was weaker than her. So I was surprised. Sometimes I made a mistake in a good position, but found that I could hit from there.

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“When she took my back, for example, I can still beat her. Yes, I was surprised. The game plan was standing up: hit her, kick her and try not to fall to the ground. Then, if he’s on the ground, try hitting from any position. So I didn’t do very well in the first half, sometimes I made mistakes and fell to the ground. But I was pretty good at hitting her from any position, “he added.

She got the best of herself

For that reason, Yana He also commented: “That’s why I feel like I won this fight, because I was active from any position. When my back came back, I was active and hitting. When the fight ended, I felt to myself that I won this fight. I did enough. I did more damage than her. But sometimes it is a strange decision. Of course I won in a good way.

“But Thiago came up to me and said, ‘Congratulations,’ and I thought, ‘But maybe I didn’t win.’ But he said, ‘No. Won.’ And this time I believed him and was waiting for the result. Anyone who is above me in the rankings would be happy with this fight. I don’t plan on having as many fights as possible. I will focus on quality, “he concluded. Yana Kunitskaya, who was better than Katlen Vieira (11-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC).

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