Arum says fight between Pacquiao and Crawford is being negotiated again

Arum dice que nuevamente se negocia pelea entre Pacquiao y Crawford

Bob Arum, President of Top rank, has reopened the possibility of a fight between Manny pacquiao Y Terence crawford.

Kenny porter He came to our offices two weeks ago to tell us about a possible fight between his son and Crawford ”, commented Arum to Barbershop Conversations. but suddenly out of nowhere came the proposal of a huge pay to host a possible fight (of Crawford) with Pacquiao, and the possibility arose again ”.

About the time defined to know whether or not the match between the Filipino and Crawford, Bob arum He noted that this week maximum he will know if it is carried out or not.

If there is a venue that offers to pay a good amount of money to host the fight, depending on Arum, that makes the fight much more viable. With that, there would be more money for everyone.

“Obviously it is more money for Terence“, Explained Arum. “He prefers to fight with Pacquiao before any other. We will see what happens, and we will know this week if there can be a fight between Pacquiao Y Crawford“.

“I think the fight between Crawford and (Errol) Spence it would bring big numbers ”, he mentioned. “But with Manny there would be more money for that payment from the headquarters, which can change everything. “

If the fight does not take place, the president of Top rank assured that he would find a way to close a battle between Crawford Y Shawn Porter.

“If the fight does not occur (between Crawford Y Pacquiao), and since Errol spence has made it clear that he does not want to fight with Terrence, I think a fight between Crawford Y Porter it would be a tremendous fight. “

Pacquiao and negotiations with García

Ryan Garcia has expressed on different occasions that his team and that of Manny pacquiao they are in negotiations. However, for weeks the progress of the same has not been known. Ryan He has not spoken of it again.

This could be the last year of Pacquiao As a professional boxer, it is expected that in 2022 he will seek the presidency of the Philippines.

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