Is there a rematch? Kamaru Usman responded to Colby Covington’s wishes and it’s viral

Is there a rematch?  Kamaru Usman responded to Colby Covington's wishes and it's viral

The Welterweight champion, Kamaru usman, nothing was saved against Colby covington. The United States police officer continues to call for a rematch for the title against the Nigerian, so the latter responded and is viral on social networks. Of course, in the first contest he completely disfigured his face, which leaves the division leader without understanding his requests.

So, starting with his sayings, Usman He said, ‘I think he made a big mistake, a huge mistake. Who rejects a paycheck? Declined a pay check. This is horrible. You can not do that. I mean, maybe I’m not hurting for money. But you can’t refuse a paycheck. Then on top of that, you turned down the chance to really remind the fans. “

And now? The enormous amount of time Kamaru Usman will be out for medical suspensions

I understand, you have to win. But is that a victory in how long? (Tyron) Woodley is coming off a two-fight, three-fight streak. It’s hard to basically say, ‘Oh okay, you have a win. You’re back. For a guy who comes off a streak of two or three fights, that was a difficult fight, “he also said, acknowledging the present of Colby covington in the company.

Not satisfied

What’s more, Kamaru He remarked, “For you to sit here and demand, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve done enough. I demand a chance. ‘ First of all, you weren’t the UFC favorite in the first place. You are not. So you can’t just sit here and say that. It’s not that you’re selling crazy pay-per-view views. You really don’t do that too. So that you sit here and demand something like that, I think it’s ridiculous.

“I think the best way to solidify your title shot is to go out there and fight. And what better way than to take down number 3 (ranked)? It’s going up. You are claiming the throne that you deserve that opportunity. What better way than to tear it down? He couldn’t do that and I think he made a tremendous mistake, “he concluded. Kamaru usman, the Nigerian champion who has already broken historical records.

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