Newell’s Old Boys vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – February 21, 2021

Newell's Old Boys vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - February 21, 2021

Boca won again: after six official games without victories, also adding Copa Libertadores, the xeneize defeated Newell’s 1-0 as a visitor, for the second date of the Professional League Cup.

The only goal of the game was scored by Carlos Izquierdoz in the 25th minute of the second half.

Boca played without Carlos Tevez, because in the afternoon the Apache learned of the death of his father and left the concentration. Salvio entered in his place.

Beyond this last minute change, Russo decided to put Capaldo on the right back, for Jara, and in the middle of the court the youthful Medina for Varela, to form a pair of central midfielders together with Campuzano. Mauro Zárate was the 9th in the area.

At times, Boca was seen different from that of the last games, especially in the first 20 minutes of the first half and in part of the complement, when he tried to pressure his rival higher.

Villa, one of the most shaky of the game, had two chances in the first half, in which Aguerre responded with confidence. Cardona, meanwhile, had one of the clearest with a shot from outside the area that passed near the angle.

Newell’s took care to prevent the xeneize from progressing on the field of play, something that it did, but it almost did not reach Andrada’s goal with danger.

In the second half things did not change too much, despite the fact that Boca dominated the actions and was the one who proposed the most. However, he could not find associated moves to reach the rival goal.

Until 25 minutes later Zárate, pulled to the right, was knocked down on the edge of the area. Cardona executed a perfect center for the frank entry of Izquierdoz, who with a great header put the 1 to 0. There was dedication for Carlitos, pointing with both hands the number 10 towards the cameras, and making the gesture that the greeting it belonged to all the companions.

From that moment on it was almost everything from Boca, who had chances in Villa and Cardona to increase the score. But he did not finish it and at the end, Scocco made a great play that Andrada covered in a heads-up goal. The Leprosy, already in added time, seemed to wake up and with centers it could complicate the xeneize, who took a deserved victory.

Something curious in the last days of Boca: Russo moved the bank and in addition to Capaldo and Medina, with a good game, Obando, Varela and Maroni entered, values ​​of the Inferiores. Something that people xeneize claim, but that rarely ends up giving.

The DT, questioned in recent times by the team’s game, showed some interesting modifications, such as Capaldo on the right back (he complied) and the kid Medina along with Campuzano, thinking of the youth as an option after the departure of Pol Fernández.

On the other hand, this Sunday it was shown that the right-back with Fabra, Cardona and Villa, well empowered, can be a nightmare for the opponent.

Without shining, Boca won again, and faces what is coming with positive energy.

The goals of the match were converted by Carlos Izquierdoz at 42 minutes and by Germán Guiffrey at 46 of the first half, while in the complement Brahian Alemán put Lobo ahead, at 17 minutes, and Edwin Cardona sealed the tie at 40.

There was an entertaining match in La Bombonera, where Gimnasia stood to play the xeneize as equals, and at times he succeeded.

A great job by Alemán in the visiting team was key to taking advantage of the spaces and the advantages that the xeneize gave in defense. Despite the fact that Lobo suffered two important casualties in the first half hour of the game (Pérez García and Ayala came out due to injuries), the team remained firm.

Boca seemed to continue in 2020 mode, where they won many times due to the weight of their individualities, but a solid team was not seen collectively.

Some bets by Russo did not pay off in this premiere. Zambrano was again weak in defense and Zarate did not appear in attack. Yes, the great success was Cardona, who was key in the ball stopped for the point that the local rescued.

At the end of the first half, the Colombian sent a center to the area from the corner kick that Izquierdoz connected very well with a header for the 1-0.

Before, Carbonero had the advantage for the visitor, but Andrada covered the hand-to-hand very well. However, already in added time, a center to the area left Guiffrey alone before a weak mark from Zambrano, and the defender from La Plata put the 1 to 1.

In addition, Lobo came out better and another defensive failure by Boca allowed the team from La Plata to put it 2 to 1. After a center to the area, three touches from Gimnasia players left Alemán alone against Andrada so that he could make the difference.

Boca went out to look for the tie and cornered the rival, but never did it with football. Anyway, the weight of his players left him close to the tie, which reached five from the end with a goal from Cardona’s free kick.

A separate paragraph for Gymnastics, which made a great game. With the injuries suffered in the first half, and with the losses due to the games of goalkeeper Broun, defender Goltz and kid Paradella, he had a great match and was close to taking the victory.

Many things will have to solve Russo. The right band formed by Jara and Zambrano left many doubts: the Peruvian was once again weak on the mark and with little presence in risk areas, where there is no margin for error.

Zárate (was injured) could never connect with Tevez, who was also duller than on other occasions. Villa continues with his intermittencies and Salvio came in from the bench and played little, although he was fouled that ended in Cardona’s goal.

The tournament has just started, and coach xeneize has the difficult task of better arranging the pieces and finding a team with identity, beyond the names.

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