Óscar Valdez is “Human Dynamite” and the breakdown of the Alacrán

Óscar Valdez es "Dinamita humana" y el quebranto del Alacrán

Which Oscar Valdez made before Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt it was splendidly great, in the context of a fight. He delivered the defending champion’s knockout of the year, and in the process of conquering the iconic super featherweight division, he delivered the best performance of his career.

The kickback in the form of a left hook on the face of Berchelt it was explosive and unexpected. It sparked an electrifying moment that made fans unleash their accumulated catharsis over 10 uneven rounds.

Joe Tesitore, the eloquent boxing storyteller for ESPN Y Top rank, expressed it very well in his first impression when Valdez landed that fist: ‘Human Dynamite’.

It encompasses what happened the night of November 20 in the ‘bubble’ of the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It wasn’t the fight of the year everyone was expecting, but rather a near-perfect dominance for Valdez, which was leading all three cards at the time of the withering knockout. It was a blow that catapulted him to stardom. He opened the door to Valdez for their eventual entry into the magazine’s Libra for Pound list The Ring Y Transnational Boxing Rankings.

However, much of the history of the fight is in the scientific method of the coach Eddy reynoso. In just five fights, he has turned Oscar Valdez in a full boxer.

Berchelt, and his coach Alfredo Caballero, they had no responsiveness or adjustment during the lawsuit. The bill they paid for letting him out in the 10th round, only to be wiped out, is extremely expensive and will have consequences.

OscarFor his part, he looked brilliant. Except for a few lapses in the sixth and seventh rounds, he boxed in circles, used the side step, threw the jab, set traps every moment. And his most effective tool of the day: the left hook kickback that hit the head of Berchelt.

If there is a performance that makes it clear that Oscar He has matured as a boxer on the tactical and cerebral level is this. Beforehand, it was known that he was a more technical and faster boxer than the Scorpion, but the improvement shown is beyond amazing.

With the devastating conclusion he sent to Scorpion Berchelto a hospital in Las Vegas, Oscar Valdez proved ready for a fight against Shakur stevenson, the official challenger of the CMB, and weighted as the fifth super feather in the world by The Ring. Also, the two fight to Top rank and on the same platform ESPNSo in theory it should be easy to schedule that fight before December.

Forget any argument for revenge. Berchelt it will take a year to return, if he can, to status as a global challenger.

The fight was so lopsided that it could have ended in the fourth round, when Valdez He connected with an uppercut and hook with impunity the head of Berchelt to shake it off and hold onto the ropes. There, correctly, the referee Russell Mora He applied the protection bead while standing, but clearly in poor condition.

There is no argument for a rematch, forget it. And less for a trilogy.

Valdez he seized the condition to list as side ‘A’ in any upcoming fight and demand, in a pandemic era, bags of at least a million dollars.


“Miguel Berchelt may never be the same again, a guy who was advertised as a fighter who ‘can’t disappoint.’ ” – Dan Cannobio, podcaster and CompuBox manager

The breaking of the Scorpion

In the scientific classification of living beings (animalia), it is established that the most effective defense mechanism that scorpions have when they are attacked, is to inject poison through their sting. Therefore, a scorpion that normally walks with its tail down, as soon as it senses danger, it lifts it up with the intention of defending itself.

Unfortunately for the Scorpion Berchelt, never had a chance. He never managed to be competitive enough to activate his defense mechanism. His famous hitting volume was nullified, and he was limited to just 9.9 hits and 44.7 hits landed per round, according to CompuBox.

His defense showed a regression worthy of 2014, on that other sad night when he was knocked out with the same blow by Luis Flores.

What happened? Everything would have started before the official weigh-in on Friday. Berchelt probably struggling more to mark the division’s exact 130 pounds. That, unlike Valdez, who from a night before on the gym scale, had already marked them, according to Eddy Reynoso.

After the weigh-in, the strategy in the dressing room with gentleman It was to rehydrate as soon as possible before getting in the ring Saturday night.

As a result Berchelt, according to the unofficial scale of Top rank and looking for figures of HBO Boxing of his fights against Vargas I, Miura Y Roman, rose to his date with Valdez at his highest rehydrated weight in world title defenses. Berchelt gained an additional 16.2 pounds (7.35 ks), finally marking 146.2, practically as a welterweight, against a featherweight that was moving up the division. Valdez, for his part, he scored just 10 more pounds (4.5ks) to reach 140 on fight night.

The strategy of going up with more weight exploded in the face of gentleman Y Berchelt from the first round. Berchelt He looked lethargic, partly because of this condition. But also, because of the fight plan of Valdez That had him trying to guess what to do against a more mobile, fast and efficient opponent to hit.

Valdez He barely managed to establish a bit of improvement on all-time records as super featherweight, landing 14.9 hits per round in total (14.22 average), hits thrown per round, at 53.4 (44.5). It had a lower percentage, with 28% (31.9%).

In general, the key to destroying the Scorpion in the ring it was sticking to the fight plan. And that was to counterattack, and force Berchelt to move forward by carrying a good part of its weight forward. That would increase the power of the punch of Oscar Valdez with the movement towards the blow of the Scorpion Berchelt, in addition to taking advantage of the bad protection habits that persist in the now former world champion.

Alfredo Caballero He has a lot of work to do to compose the style of his fighter, who is still ranked worldwide.

The rise of Eddy Reynoso

In less than two months, Eddy reynoso has led to Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez to become a linear unified super middleweight champion against Callum Smith. I drive to Ryan Garcia to offer the best performance of his career against Luke campbell. And now, he consecrated Oscar Valdez as one of the three best boxers in Mexico, being the third Juan Francisco Estrada, with gentleman.

Reynoso It was cataloged in January this year by the British magazine Boxing News, which has only 113 years of history, in position number 20 as the most influential character in boxing.

There is currently no better coach than him. And that’s thanks to his time spent in training fighters, in school, in the application of sweet science. But, above all, to the passion to get the best out of each one when they have the discipline to drastically change bad habits of athletic preparation, nutrition and boxing.

Said the dean Kevin Iole in your column to Yahoo Sports. “Reynoso has inherited the place of Eddie futch, Emmanuel steward Y Freddie roach as the best coach in the world ”.

And he is right.

On the side of Alfred gentleman, who arrived as the other great Mexican coach of the moment, we can only say that he should have stopped the fight in the ninth round. At that moment, when he was returning to the corner, after suffering his second fall, BercheltWith the body language of a dejected loser, he sincerely expressed: “It was worth the dick.”

That very Mexican expression that everything is lost. gentleman, He asked if the fight would stop him. Berchelt predictably he replied, “No.”

And there the blow was forged that caused him a concussion, which we hope does not leave major consequences on his health and on his crushed psyche as a Mexican warrior.

CompuBox Report

According to the report of CompuBox, Valdez he was the most offensive fighter throughout the fight, beating 534-447 in punches thrown; and topping 149-99 in connected punches. to Berchelt on his way to a massive knockout in the 10th round.

Berchelt He was just 10 of 44 per round, after hitting 32 of 81 in the previous 8 fights.

Oscar Valdez hit 103 of 328 power strokes (31%), down just 64 of 233 (27%) of the Alacrán Berchelt. That represents a clear decrease of 20 percentage points for the Scorpion, averaging 47.5% in his last world championship fights.

Compared, Valdez he hit an average of 8.9 punches per round and threw 22.89 per round, for a percentage of 38.71%.

The last three rounds, Oscar Valdez beat the Scorpion Berchelt by difference of 53 to 19 in hits, and in percentage of 35.26% to 14.8%.

In power coups it was even more forceful: 39 to 13 and a percentage from 43% to 17%.

Berchelt vs Valdez CompuBox figures

Official cards

At the time of the knockout, the three judges in Las Vegas had the fight in favor of Valdez; Dave moretti (88-81), Patricia Morse Jarman (89-80), and Max de Luca (87-82).

There are some discrepancies, the best rounds of Berchelt, where he showed some reaction fighting on pure instinct, they were sixth and seventh.

This was where he threw more punches, landed more punches, and for the first time hurriedly pushed back Valdez, who resorted to moorings.

From Luca was the only one who gave three consecutive rounds to Berchelt with annotation 10-9 (1, 2 and 3), for other absurd.

Berchelt vs Valdez official cards
Berchelt vs Valdez official cards

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