“The only way Óscar Valdez could win was by fighting the best fight of his career,” explains Andre Ward.

Óscar Valdez y Andre Ward

Andre Ward, former world champion and today commentator, praised the fight he made Oscar Valdez by knocking out Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt in the tenth round.

“It’s weird because nobody imagined that he was going to knock out Berchelt well, but we’ve seen this movie before, “he said Ward in interview with Fight Hype. “You don’t know if a fighter is capable of it, but when it happens it’s like, ‘okay, we’ve seen this movie before. I’m happy for Valdez”.

Oscar fought a very smart fight and the strategy for the fight was carried out, culminating in a dramatic knockout that left disconnected Berchelt for several minutes.

“I had some concerns about the difference in size,” he said. Ward. That was real. I was wondering what kind of fight I was going to have ValdezBut I never thought I was going to be on the line from the get-go. I just didn’t believe it. “

Valdez sent to the canvas Berchelt twice, the first in the fourth round that thanks to the bell he was able to continue and, the second, in the ninth round.

“I think that people in boxing are wrong to believe that it is always one way or it is always the other,” he added. “Either he’s going to box all the time or he’s going to fight all the time, but you can actually do both.”

Y Andre Ward highlighted the key to the contest, highlighting the work of Oscar Valdez in being able to change his way of fighting as the fight developed.

“You have to negotiate the difference between when to fight and when to box,” he added. “We did not know if Valdez he was going to do that, but he did it. “

Ward think also that Oscar Valdez he outdid himself with the fight he made against Berchelt.

“He had to do it,” he explains. Ward. “It was the only way I could win. The only way that Oscar Valdez he could win was by making the best fight of his career ”.

Andre Ward he also had words of respect for Miguel Berchelt.

“You have to recognize Berchelt also he said Ward. “He received a lot of punishment. When you get hurt once, you have to make decisions when you are the champion. You have to have a conversation with yourself. They hurt you again, and you have to wonder if the punishment is worth it. They’re giving you a beating, you start to feel ashamed. Many things go through your mind. And that he kept pushing, and trying to go to the front until the end, makes me have nothing but pure respect for Berchelt. I hope you are good. You can easily forget everything you have fought when you take a good blow, but he (Berchelt) has the heart of a champion. He didn’t win his title easily, and he wasn’t going to deliver it easily either. “

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