Ben Askren? Viral video of MMA fighter knocking out NFL star in bathroom

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Ben Askren?  Viral video of MMA fighter knocking out NFL star in bathroom

In these hours, a video went viral on social networks, which includes a fighter from MMA and a star of NFL. In Norman, Oklahoma, two subjects ended up clean fists in a restroom at a beverage outlet, all of which was filmed. Of course, as soon as the images were disseminated on digital platforms, many began to mobilize him around the world, incriminating Ben askren.

It should be noted that the experienced Mixed Martial Arts fighter was not the subject of the video, although, due to his physical resemblance and hair, many gave that it was him. It is still being investigated what happened and why everything triggered a four-man battle in the bathroom there. What sounded loudest had to see that, in the act, a star of the NFL.

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The wide receiver of the Oklahoma Sooners, Spencer jones, was the one who received the terrible beating of the Mixed Martial Arts fighter. The latter received a push from the football player, so he only hesitated for a second and decided to give him a flurry of fists to the face. Then, he threw him to the ground and was about to put him to sleep with a gigantic killer, although he did not achieve submission.

Harsh images

Just to get rid of the misconceptions, I’m the guy in the hat and that’s my brother. WE ARE NOT fighters in any university, we have been fighting since we were in diapers and MMA / Cage Fighting since we were 12 years old. Unfortunately, we were not given options. We show moderation », he highlighted Braden brown on their Twitter account, making it clear that they are the ones from the video.

For his part, the attorney for Jones He stressed that they had to reconstruct the left orbital bone in a surgery that lasted four hours, after being crushed by blows by the other man. What’s more, Ben askren He went out to deny the rumors that link him to the viral event in the same way, saying: «Funny story to make you smile on Monday It wasn’t me in the bar fight.

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