Marc Márquez made a mea culpa for his injury and separated responsibilities: “The mistake belongs to everyone”

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez is the most wanted personality in the world of MotoGP of the last hours. The Spanish was one of the visible faces in the presentation made by the Honda team online. There, the new bike that will be on the track in 2021 was unveiled. However, everyone was waiting for Márquez’s statements, who spoke of his recovery. “The mistake belongs to everyone,” he assured.

Marc Márquez returned to the track after falling in the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix. Many doctors assured that this was a fatal error for the Spaniard’s aspirations, since it did not help the bone to consolidate. The operation he had undergone had occurred a few hours before. However, Marquez believes that everyone made the wrong decision, avoiding blaming someone in particular.

Official! Marc Márquez confirmed the next steps for his long-awaited return

This Monday, at the virtual ‘press conference’ that the team carried out Repsol Honda, Márquez spoke with the media and confirmed what the next steps are. He confirmed that he will not be in the Qatar circuit to carry out the preseason tests, since the doctors prohibited him. In addition, he assured that he will seek to be in one of the first three tests of the championship.


«The mistake was that I got on a motorcycle a week, when I was not playing. Nor was it time to get on in two or three weeks. The same would have happened in the Czech Republic, because bone consolidation would have been zero. They are experiences. We all make the decision together and the mistake belongs to all of us, it is not worth setting our sights on one person, “the Spaniard told the media.

On the other hand, Márquez took responsibility from the doctors who treated him within hours of falling in Jerez since he was the one who made the decision to return. «They talked about the doctors, yes, they gave me good feedback, it’s true. They told me I could do it, but how many times has it been taken at risk? Sometimes it goes well and everyone comes out keeping, when it goes wrong you have to learn from the mistake, “said Márquez, according to the ‘’ medium.

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