Wants him: TJ Dillashaw calls for return of UFC legend for return to Octagon

Wants him: TJ Dillashaw calls for return of UFC legend for return to Octagon

The former champion of UFC, TJ Dillashaw, wants to return with everything to the cage and so he asked a legend. Of course, Mixed Martial Arts has put him above many in all these years, but now he will have to keep calm if he wants to put on the division belt again. Therefore, he made it clear with whom he wants to measure, implying that he does not seek peace with Henry Cejudo.

To get started, Dillashaw He remarked: “It doesn’t really matter as long as I’m someone who’s on top of the game, because I’m going to go up and get that belt back quickly. I think it is a difficult fight for Yan due to the style of the fighter. I think Yan is the best and most complete fighter. He’s more skilled in more aspects of fighting, but Sterling’s fighting is really aggressive. His blow is really uncomfortable, he doesn’t really prepare anything, he just kicks bombs without stopping.

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“Like he got that distance, but then he grabs you, he has a great fight and his jiu-jitsu is also incredible. Watch him take out Sandhagen in 45 seconds. We’ve seen him do a lot of grappling in some of his fights. So I think it will be a tough fight because I think maybe Yan’s biggest weakness is his fight. He lost in the past to a guy who’s at Bellator just to get outmatched in wrestling. Then we will see the progress he has made in his MMA fight, “said the fighter.

Feel safe

In that sense, TJ He commented, “I would probably still bet my money on Yan just because he’s a bit more structurally and technically complete on his feet. But a headstrong fighter cannot be underestimated. He can’t be counting his chicks before they hatch because he’s trying to call me, but he must get past Sterling and make sure he can stay on top. I haven’t exactly thought of a hit list, but yeah, he’s on it. “

“Just saying her name is like, ‘Oh God,’ you know? ‘The King of Cringe’ did a good job of being embarrassing. It’s one of those fights where he was so much better going into that fight, take nothing from him. I think he is an incredible athlete for winning an Olympic gold medal. I give him more credit for being an Olympic gold medalist than for winning a championship of UFC and that’s something because I’ve struggled my whole life, that’s pretty amazing. But I am much better fighter than him, “he said.

To close, TJ Dillashaw He said: “The way his career worked and the way he walked away from it was like he was very lucky. So that’s a fight I want to get back because I don’t think it’s as good as it thinks it is, so that’s for sure on my target list. The first and most important thing for me is to get my belt back. Whatever path I have to take to get there, if it’s fighting every guy in the top five first, going straight to the belt, and then making sure to defend it and make a statement.

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