Campazzo, in depth: his adaptation to the NBA, the advice of Ginobili and his dreams

Campazzo, in depth: his adaptation to the NBA, the advice of Ginobili and his dreams

Facundo Campazzo is enjoying his first steps in the NBA. The Denver Nuggets point guard, who adds more and more minutes, is all the rage in the league and also in Argentina. Now, after the 111-106 victory against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Cordovan gave an extensive press conference in which he touched on different topics: his adaptation in the United States, the advice of Emanuel Ginobili, the dressing room, his relationship with coach Michael Malone and more.

Facundo Campazzo and his adaptation to the NBA

The Cordovan base assured that “I knew I was coming to a different place” and that he continues to try to adapt “as quickly as possible” to the competition. “From one day to the next it was a total change. I knew what was coming, what my role was going to be and that everything was going to have a process. Now I feel very confident, knowing more about the league and my rivals. I started to feel better when I played against teams that I had already played against. That is part of the adaptation and I am feeling better. They are new teammates and a different way of playing ”, he expressed.

In turn, Campazzo made it clear that “I knew the role I was going to have” in these first months in the team, with a participation totally different from his time at Real Madrid. Therefore, he considered that it is a “A great challenge to go from having the ball in my hands for a long time and from playing 30 minutes at Real Madrid to not having the ball so much” in Denver. “I came to challenge myself, to compete, to show myself that I can play at a level like this and to adapt to a team full of stars like the one in Denver. It is a very big challenge. There will be difficult times and good times. The NBA comes and goes, some days you have opportunities, others not so many. I work a lot on the mental, as well as the physical, to have everything under control. It’s not easy, but that’s what I came to, “he said.

In addition, he recognized the plus that was sharing a team with several members of the Golden Generation who played in the NBA: Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola, Pablo Prigioni and Andrés Nocioni. “It was a dream, a fantasy to achieve. Being here is like that in part it became commonplace, but it is still incredible. I try to stop, think and see where I am. Here you have all the facilities for the player. I try to enjoy it , but with my feet on the ground to compete ”, he said.

Manu Ginobili’s advice to Campazzo

Facundo Campazzo assured that “the impact of Manu Ginobili in the NBA is incredible”. “When I arrived, they asked me about him, if I knew him and if I had played with him. He is super respected here, both for his impact and for his titles. It’s incredible how he’s seen in the league. I don’t know if I try to do the same things that he did, but I do put my heart, my intensity and my DNA “, he expressed.

Campazzo, in depth: his adaptation to the NBA, the advice of Ginobili and his dreams

On the other hand, the Denver base revealed that the emblem of the Golden Generation usually writes him: “I receive your help, I ask you for advice … It inspires me a lot, like everyone who plays basketball, here and in Argentina. Manu writing to ask you something or give you advice is incredible. I fall, but it is still something incredible. I try to take advantage of it and I don’t take it as pressure or responsibility. Unlike, I enjoy it because that generation showed us the way and the things that have to be done to reach the best version of oneself “.

Campazzo’s relationship with Malone and the costumes

The Cordovan point guard assured that his relationship with Michael Malone, coach of the Denver Nuggets, “she is very good “and revealed that” he is a coach very close to the player “. “There is a good relationship and that is very important in such a long season, with so many games. I always had a first class deal with him, telling myself that I have to be ‘Facundo Campazzo’ and not another player, that’s why I’m here. I feel supported by him and my colleagues, which reassures me and gives me confidence “, express.

Campazzo, in depth: his adaptation to the NBA, the advice of Ginobili and his dreams

On the other hand, he referred to his new teammates: “In the dressing room I get along well with everyone, it is a very international arena. In itself, his two franchise players (Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic) are international. Malone likes the I play internationally and since I arrived the change was not very drastic. ”

In turn, he joked with the language. “My English is not entirely native (laughs), but I try to adapt and talk to my colleagues to get to know them”, He said. “It’s a very long season and you need that union to achieve your goals. Maybe on trips I get together more with (Vlatko) Cancar and Jokic. This is a very young group and I’m one of the biggest, I don’t know when that happened ( laughs) They are usually all screwed up and make jokes. Jokic is the one I talk to the most and he’s super simple. Perhaps we imagine an unattainable beast but you can talk calmly with him. It’s amazing to be in a locker room like that. If a quartet sounded in the locker room? You hear a lot of hip hop and I don’t even go near the speaker. I try to listen and know new styles and I am open to knowing new music, because it is part of adapting to the group as well ”, he commented.

What would Campazzo say to the little Facu who dreamed of the NBA

Facundo Campazzo revealed what he would comment to ‘little Facu’: “I would tell him to continue enjoying himself, to play with a smile, to enjoy playing as a team and being part of something important, be it fighting for a title or whatever. Have fun, train hard because it won’t be easy and do it with passion and dedication. ”

In turn, he acknowledged that, by playing in the NBA, he already fulfilled one of the most important goals in his career.. “I’m not going to complain, I think my dreams came true. I always said that my dream was the NBA, but I already fulfilled that. Now I want to stay and stay for many years. I wanted to try, not to withdraw without knowing if I could do it. Now I’m here and I set short-term goals to stay in this league. I want to play here for many years. It’s not easy, but that’s why I made the decision to come. I want to fight big things and be a part of Denver doing it. I want to stomp and have an impact on the team. Those are my next goals, “he said.

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