“He wanted to wear the same style as Canelo”: Pantera Nery explains why he left Eddy Reynoso

Quiso ponerme mismo estilo que Canelo: Pantera Nery explica por qué dejó a Eddy Reynoso

Luis “Pantera” Nery explain what Eddy reynoso wanted to put the same boxing style as Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, but he did not feel comfortable and that is why he decided to change coach.

Eddy has a training style with Saul that works for every mother and that is why they are where they are, that is why they are what they are, ”she said. Nery in interview for Fine Boxing. “He gave me the same training that he does Saul“.

Panther Nery, super bantamweight world champion CMB, ensures that the style you wanted to give Eddy reynoso it was to throw less blows.

Saul he is a great fighter, he is a fighter who throws three blows at you, but connects all three strong, “he explains. Nery. “They have their work rhythm, but I am a different fighter. I throw four, five, seven hits in combinations. I feel that he wanted to wear the same style that he puts on Saul, and it didn’t work for me. It works for them, because they are closely coupled. He (Eddy) made to Saul. I’m not saying it’s a bad style, but it just doesn’t work for me. My thing is to throw blows, and if you want to make me throw less blows, at the time of the fight I will not look the same. I didn’t like how I looked, that’s why I left there ”.

Nery assures that it was precisely in his last fight, with Aaron Alameda, where he perceived that discomfort in style. It was the night of September 26, 2020, when he was crowned super bantamweight world champion of the CMB defeating Mall by unanimous decision.

“It was because of how I felt in the fight with Mall“, Explain Nery. “I didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel strong, I didn’t feel fast. I was a little worried about getting into another fight with him (with Eddy reynoso) and lose by not feeling fast, by not feeling strong. I was very frustrated in fighting with Mall because I didn’t feel like my punches came out like they normally do. I wanted to get those bursts that I shoot and they didn’t come out. I just thought about them but they didn’t come out ”.

Nery He thinks that it was due to the lack of maneuverability and sparring in training that he looked different.

“It wasn’t because of my condition, because I ran well, I trained well,” he recalls. “I feel like it was the lack of mitts and the lack of sparring. I have just two weeks training with Ismael (Ramírez) and with him I spar every day, be it two or three rounds, four, sometimes more, sometimes less, cons or four different people. I do mitt every day, minimum four rounds a day. I shoot combinations of 10 or 12 hits. That’s why I left Eddy, because I was a little afraid that I would not feel comfortable in the next fight and was going to lose, because this fight I felt that if Mall He would have thrown himself more to hit, maybe he would have won me, he did not win because he did not throw anything, I was the one who was proposing the fight and I won well. That is the reason why I left ”.

Nery Panther he returned to training with his old coach, Ismael “Mayelo” Ramírez. Nery assures that they had personal problems at the time that led them to a separation, but that they have solved it, and they have returned to work together.

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