“If Canelo decides to exchange blows with Yildirim, it will be a 50/50 fight,” says Joel Díaz.

Si Canelo decide intercambiar golpes con Yildirim, será una pelea 50/50, asegura Joel Díaz

Joel diaz, the Mexican coach of Avni Yildirimthink so SaulCanelo ”Álvarez decides to enter into exchanges of blows with his fighter, it will be an even fight.

The Canelo will expose its super middle world championship of the CMB in a mandatory fight against the Turk Avni Yildirim this Saturday in Miami.

“For the punch and the ability to Yildirim, if he Canelo decides to exchange blows with him, it’s a 50-50 fight, “he said Diaz in interview for IFL TV. “I give Yildirim a 50 percent chance, if they start trading, because it has power, and it’s very strong. If he Canelo decides to trade, he too can get hurt. “

Joel diaz assures that since he started working with Yildirim you have noticed changes in your fighter.

“When I arrive Yildirim with me he was a robot that only went forward ”, he explains Diaz. “Now he has defense, he’s a smarter fighter. He is no longer just a Turkish fighter, angry, going to the front, and taking 10 punches to get three. “

Joel diaz He was a coach of world-class fighters like Timothy bradley or Lucas Matthysse, but assures that this is the most important challenge of his career.

“This is the biggest task of my career,” he says. Diaz. I’ve been in big fights like Bradley against Pacquiao, or Bradley against Marquez, but this is by far the biggest task of my life. I am a person who takes risks, and here we are facing the best Libra fighter for Libra, as is the Canelo Alvarez.

The coach of Yildirim has no doubt that the Canelo He is the best fighter of the moment in world boxing.

Canelo He is, by far, the best fighter of this era ”, he assures Diaz. “He’s the best Libra for Libra. He has dominated in great form in his last fights. I’m a big fan of Canelo, and he has all my respect ”.

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