In what state will Marc Márquez compete again?

Marc Márquez

One of the great doubts of the fans of the Motorcycle World Championship is how it will return Marc Márquez. Although the Spaniard gave some details of when the long-awaited return would be, many drivers and team directors understand that Márquez will return 100% to competition. While no one doubts his talent, neither Márquez nor the doctors themselves know what his physical condition will be.

A whole year without being on a motorcycle, plus the physical pain that Márquez suffered from a serious injury and the demands of the different circuits, will be a stick in the wheel for Marc. The Catalan has a hard work ahead and Although he wants to shout champion again, he knows that the goal for 2021 will not be that, but rather that it will be to enjoy his activity.

Marc Márquez made a mea culpa for his injury and separated responsibilities: “The mistake belongs to everyone”

The million dollar question is in what state will the multi-time champion MotoGP? This Monday, Márquez already announced that until his physique is not 100% he will not take a risk with his shoulder again. However, he understands that the general condition will have to be recovered with the running of the races. In each session he will have to give as many laps as possible, to recover the ‘feeling’.

“You will find a way to continue being Marc Márquez and this can only be done by yourself,” said the team director in the last hours Sling, Alberto Puig. Your thinking is not wrong. Nobody doubts Márquez’s conditions, but his physique is in doubt, especially one year after seeing him for the last time on a track, on top of the Honda.

When does it come back?

“Neither the doctors, nor I know when it will be,” said Márquez after the presentation of the motorcycle for 2021. However, he already confirmed that he will not be present at the Qatar tests, which will take place on March 6 and 7, and 10, 11 and 12, the second part. «The doctors told me: Test, forgotten. Then i forget“, he pointed. However, he confirmed that he wants to be in the first races of the championship.

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