Legend! The shocking news that Max Holloway gave and drives fans crazy

Legend!  The shocking news that Max Holloway gave and drives fans crazy

Max holloway disfigured Calvin Kattar in the first event of 2021 in UFC and going for much more this year. After the battle, which took place on January 16, social networks exploded by the enormous present of “Blessed.” Now, after a rather interesting interview, the former champion stressed what he wants to do this season, surprising everyone fanatics of Mixed Martial Arts.

Being so, Holloway He began by saying the following about it: “After the fight that night, he (White) went to the media and said what he said. With Alex and Ortega arriving, everyone knows that I am the cloud over that fight. At the end of the day, let them focus on each other, and then when all is said and done, the reign will continue, so I can’t wait. I have no preference.

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“May the best win. I just want the best guys in front of me. When all is said and done, when these lights are made, when these interviews are done, when I have long since left the fight, when I have left this land, I want to be in history. I want to be one of those guys who fought the who’s who of MMA names and that’s what you do. So I’m not picking and choosing, and I have no favorites, “he acknowledged.

Very convinced of what you want

On the other hand, Max He also dictated: “In a perfect world, if I had to make my plan for this year, I would like to fight during the summer and then maybe try to have a fight in December. I want to fight three times this year, maybe go into the summer, July hopefully, and then get on another card with the UFC so we can see what happens. That’s just what I want to do in a perfect world, fight in July, fight in December.

«I’m going to behave like a champion belt or without a belt. We are going out to fight. I love fighting. I love fighting. People say it’s hard to get up. I’m still fighting five five-minute rounds. Still championship rounds. We are on ABC. I know a lot of pay-per-view fighters who would kill to be in this position, so at the end of the day, it still feels the same. A fight is a fight for me, “he said. Max holloway weeks ago.

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