New statement from Millonarios on the health status of Andrés Felipe Román

New statement from Millonarios on the health status of Andrés Felipe Román

The side of Millionaires Andrés Felipe Román He arrived last Saturday in the city of Bogotá after failing to pass the medical examinations performed by the doctors of Boca Juniors and not be hired by the Argentine team.

Since his arrival in the country, the 25-year-old footballer has undergone different medical studies to clarify his state of health. In the last hours it was known that some tests were carried out at the Shaio clinic.

For this reason, Millonarios published a press release informing about the results produced by the analyzes carried out on Andrés Felipe Román.

“Millonarios FC informs that specialized cardiology medical evaluation tests were performed on our player Andrés Felipe Román, which include electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and cardioresonance, at the Fundación Clínica Shaio,” the statement said.

In addition, the document released by the Ambassador team through their social networks denies the diagnosis of Boca Juniors, who claimed that the lateral had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

“The concept of the Medical Board of Specialists reported that with the results of the examinations, a diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cannot be concluded. He complemented that “other equally characteristic imaging criteria are not met, in addition that the patient has not had cardiovascular symptoms of any kind during his sports performance, nor does he have a family history of the disease, or of sudden death of unclear cause”, Millionaires added.

For the doctors of the clinic, the tests taken last Monday concluded that “the most likely diagnosis is that it is an athlete’s heart.”

Finally, the statement informs that the player will undergo other analyzes outside the country to determine one hundred percent of his health problems. For this reason, you will have to suspend your physical activities for a period of 3 months.

“Genetic tests will be carried out in specialized laboratories abroad, to find DNA sequence mutations, which added to the consideration of specialists to suspend high-performance exercise for 3 months (controlled deconditioning) and with additional cardiovascular and physical tests, allow a definitive conclusion to be reached ”, he concluded.

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