What will happen?  WWE fighter asks for the role of Ronda Rousey in her absence

Round rousey does not appear in the Wwe since WrestleMania 35, although there could be news about her. In this way, the experienced and legendary fighter, Sasha banks, spoke with the press in the last hours and highlighted what he thinks about his departure from the sport. Clearly the two have a very large presence in wrestling, although there would be some drawbacks in the present.

Understanding the above, Banks He was blunt with his sayings: “You can bring Ronda Rousey, but you should pay me to do what she’s doing. Here you have the talent, I have made an effort. But Round rousey it is a family legend and a proper name. It wasn’t for Ronda Rousey, who knows if the women’s division here would be women’s wrestling. He went to work. He loved it”.

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«She came to the dressing room very humble and wanting to know everything she could to be the best. Something similar to how I felt. An outsider that we can accept because we understand the business within the Wwe. She was an MMA fighter, that’s what she was, and we’re sorry. She was so cool, “he concluded. Sasha, who clearly disagrees with the decisions that have been made in the wrestling company.

Rousey’s words

Some weeks ago, Round He had communicated: «With the UFC I have always bet a lot on myself. I worry about the back end. Pay me what you think is fair, all I really care about is having some interest in how well it works and I’ll make sure it actually works well. I have very good memories and I am happy with what I was able to achieve in those years.

“I have never cared much about money, so I have never had a problem with anyone. Anyone who hires me is like, ‘sh * t, yeah’ I’m really not nickel and I’m not dimming anyone. I have people who help me with those things, just let me know when I can sign something and I will introduce myself and do it amazingly and everyone will be happy. So far it has worked, “he said. Round rousey, a legend of Mixed Martial Arts.

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