Young moves Giannina Maradona with her story with Diego

Young moves Giannina Maradona with her story with Diego

Gianinna Maradona, daughter of soccer star Diego Maradona, who died in November 2020, was moved to tears by the story of a young woman who said that the 1986 world champion with Argentina in Mexico “saved her life” in 2007 when they met in a rehab clinic.

“Everyone cry with me! I love you friend! @Aleja_____ thank you for killing me with love! Thank you @coplandcita for this story. What pride my father forever”, Gianinna Maradona posted on her Twitter account by sharing Mariana Copland’s story.

That young woman told her account that in March 2007 she met Diego Maradona in a rehabilitation clinic.

“He for his alcoholism problems, I for a horrible depression. I was admitted before him. A month and a half before. When he arrived I began to see that there was something else. He helped me want to get up, we played volleyball and I nicknamed ‘speedy pen’ because I kept writing “Said this young woman whose story went viral in Argentina and moved the fans of the star one day after his death was three months old.

“One day I unleashed a horrible crisis and between three nurses to calm my anguish they tied me to a bed on the first floor and gave me an overdose of midax. The next day I woke up with half of my body paralyzed. It was an entity. I was drooling. I couldn’t walk. Half of my body was asleep “, story.

As she explained, her doctor had stated that they could not “drug her” without her consent.

“Three days later, the same three nurses came for my new crisis. But Diego stood up, opened both arms, made me a house and said: ‘Not with the baby.’ They argued for several minutes, I cried,” He said.

Maradona, he says, called the girl’s mother by phone and advised her not to spend the night in that place.

“And he did not detach from me for a minute. I remember that before cutting he told him: ‘You calm down, it could be my daughter. Quiet we wait for you here'”, said the young woman, who assured that the depression “had been unleashed by a boyfriend ” that it got.

In addition, as he related, Maradona, upon learning of this, signed a sheet and wrote: “Nicolás, you’re a wimp.”

“And he looked at me after signing and said: ‘Don’t be a cagona, give it to him.’ Nicolás, if you read this, you were always an asshole but until Maradona explained it to me, I didn’t understand it.” concluded.

The story was published in various Argentine media after it was shared by Gianinna Maradona, who has just over half a million followers on her account. Twitter

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