Federer’s physical trainer is cautious about his health

Federer's physical trainer is cautious about his health

On March 8 at the ATP 500 in Doha it will be possible to check. Roger Federer will officially step on a tennis court again and all doubts about his physique will be cleared up.

Meanwhile, his physical trainer Pierre Paganini warns that the passage of time punishes athletes and one of the best tennis players in history would be no exception: “Roger’s muscles deteriorated considerably.”

January 30, 2020 was the last time the Swiss played a tennis match “for the points.” Since then, and also partly because of the pandemic, he has been away from the circuit due to a very sensitive physical problem: he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

“His right knee caused him various problems over the years. You could get them under control with adapted planning and specific exercises. ANDHe and the whole team were working on this. But Roger always sees things in a positive light. And as long as you can play and train freely, this will not be a problem. There came a time when he decided to have surgery, he assumed that responsibility, “said the professional in dialogue with the Swiss newspaper Tages-Azeiger.

Of what happened, he assured that “towards the beginning of October, we started at the lowest level. However, we tried from the beginning to incorporate coordination aspects into the structure. We always had to know what was possible. How does the body react to this or What if he does it several times? What if he’s fresh? What if he’s tired? And everything from the slightest movement after the operation to the point where, hopefully, you will be able to play tennis again. It’s a long way”.

Of the present day he confessed: “He practically trains normally. If you could see him you would say ‘he’s not injured, everything is fine.’ But we must not forget that only when all the stages are finished does reactivity begin to work. This is very important in tennis. We have been working on that for a long time and that is where you can see if the puzzle works, in all its variations. That is where we are now. This is good for him because it took an incredible amount of patience to get to this point. “

Of the future he did not hide the uncertainty that flies over the Federer environment: “At the moment it is only clear that he plays in Doha, then we will see if Dubai.”

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