“I’m going to bring him there for life”: Eddy Reynoso and his reasons for getting a Canelo tattoo

Ahí lo voy a traer de por vida: Eddy Reynoso y sus motivos para hacerse tatuaje del Canelo

Eddy reynoso He confessed his motives for getting a tattoo of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez prior to the fight that the tapatío will hold before Avni Yildirim at Hard Rock Stadium of Miami, this Saturday, February 27.

“I got tattooed Canelo because the photo made me beautiful and it is something important to me, he is my strong letter ”, he confessed in an interview for the Youtube, Little Giant Boxing. “It’s my cover letter, my graduation.”

Eddy He also stated that he is not a big fan of people with multiple tattoos who then erase them or cover them with others. He also asserted that on his body he only has the really important people in his life tattooed, such as the names of his daughters.

“Always when you put a tattoo is something that identifies you, you put the people you really love,” he considered. “I’m not a fan of people who put on their tattoos because they don’t like them or names that have to be erased.”

Eddy Reynoso’s reasons for getting a Canelo tattoo

About him Canelo, the same Eddy reynoso He confessed that the tattoo represents the satisfaction it has given him to make him the best in the world. For him, it has been worth it for the hard work with Saul since I was a child.

“When you prepare a child from the age of 13, when you make him an athlete, a champion, a star, it is something very beautiful for me and very big,” he admitted. “You always wear something that identifies me and that touches your heart. I’m going to bring him there for life ”.

“All P4P (pound for pound) is defined there,” he said, pointing to the initials of his tattoo with the face of the Canelo, showing his satisfaction at having brought him to the top of the sport. “Making a world champion is very difficult, but when you make the best boxer in the world, it’s incredible.”

Heading for the Hall of Fame?

Reynoso he was also optimistic about future inclusion in the Hall of Fame, although he prefers to take it easy.

“We are working and God wants that I hope one day be among the great coaches of Basket”, He confessed. “I am young and doing very well. I’m with committed boxers like Oscar Valdez, Ryan (Garcia), Canelo or Andy (Ruíz), guys who have dreams and who want to grow in boxing ”.

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