Is the pink still? Aston Martin confirmed one of its sponsors for the 2021 Formula 1 season

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The Formula 1 continues with its ‘season of presentations’. This week some details of the most important cars of the most famous grid in the motor world were revealed. Next week it will be the turn of important teams, including the new car for the season 2021: the Aston martin of Sebastian Vettel Y Lance Stroll.

After a very positive season for the former Racing point, the output of Sergio Perez in the best moment of his career it was a very risky move by the team leaders. However, from the first Grand Prix, in Bahrain, they will have the presence of a four-time World Champion, such as Sebastian Vettel.

Can Lewis Hamilton be Sebastian Vettel’s teammate? For Aston Martin it is «Tempting»

Despite completely changing the concept of the team, Aston Martin does not want to let go of things from the past. This Wednesday it was confirmed that they will keep in their car one of the most important sponsors in recent years, and that it gave Racing Point its characteristic pink color. The beverage brand BWT will continue to supply the British team.

Car color

Many fans saw that the Aston Martin team confirmed the continuation of BWT as a sponsor. However, everything seems that the particular pink of the brand will not be as predominant as other years. The basis for the new car will be completely different, although there will be some details from BWT on the car, which will be revealed next Wednesday.

After announcing that on March 3 they will unveil the car that will be carried out by Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel, the name of the new car was also known. Will be the AMR21 (Aston Martin Racing 21). In addition, the new main sponsor of the team will be Cognizant, an American technology company.

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