Israel Adesanya and the All Blacks? A news flash involves both parties

Israel Adesanya and the All Blacks?  A news flash involves both parties

In these hours, a news sounded strong in the world of MMA, with Israel Adesanya as the main protagonist. He himself, along with All BlacksThey gave something to talk about for a common reason. It is the silver fern that they wear on the shield and shirt of men in black in rugby. A) Yes, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) made it clear that Auckland City Kickboxing did not leave any concerns regarding UFC trademarks.

In that sense, Eugene Bareman, co-founder and coach, said: “The UFC prevents us from using the silver fern because All Blacks (NZR) contacted them and asked them not to use it because it was a trademark. All Black’s management reached out this afternoon to advise that no one from their legal or management team has been in contact with the UFC. The All Blacks have been very kind under the circumstances and assured us that they are great supporters of our UFC New Zealand teams and other sports teams there that go abroad.

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“That is encouraging for us. We also want to reiterate that we are absolutely fervent supporters of the All Blacks and what they do for our country. There seems to have been a lack of communication between UFC and an attorney from the same law firm that handles the All Blacks trademark rights. We are happy to say that we will walk to the cage like proud kiwis with the silver ferns on our shoulders, as we have done for the last five years, “he said.


In addition, Bareman recounted: “Everyone who represents our country internationally earns the right, especially my boys, and I’m obviously biased, to represent their country and wear that symbol. We wear it in our uniform, we wear it with great pride, and it doesn’t matter if you were born in Nigeria or Samoa, it doesn’t matter where you come from. It is very important for us. It is something we represent.

For its part, Israel Adesanya he had said, “I hope the guys on the field, the guys on the front line support us in this too, instead of just the suits trying to do their little thing.” To which, from the New Zealand Rugby They responded: “NZR has not had any communication with the UFC regarding the use of our logos. We support all athletes representing New Zealand, but we protect our commercial intellectual property, including the specifically designed NZR fern. ‘

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