Óscar Valdez and the chronicle of the happiest week of his life

Óscar Valdez y la crónica de la semana más feliz de su vida

Oscar Valdez He has lived the happiest week of his life. His career changed on February 20, the night he knocked out the champion. Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt, whom the majority gave as favorites, and thus snatch the super featherweight world championship of the CMB.

From then on, to Oscar Valdez It has become the best week of his life. The new monarch has enjoyed the honeys of success since he stepped out of the ring.

The party started as soon as he got out of the ring, when he was linked by video call with the Canelo Alvarez, who congratulated him on his historic victory.

Sunday, February 21

A few hours after his victory, Oscar he paused in his festivities. And he did it to leave a message on his social networks addressed to him Scorpion Berchelt. He wished his friend a speedy recovery, who had to be taken to hospital after the fight.

“I want to wish the best to my friend Scorpion Berchelt. I am sure that he can be world champion again because he is a true warrior, I only have respect for him. Hope you get back in the ring soon, champ. Quick recovery, ”Valdez wrote.

Monday, February 22

The champion arrived in the afternoon in his city, Nogales, Sonora. Did the traditional ride on the ‘Fire woman’, something he also did in 2016. This time the route was six kilometers long, where many people from his city came out to cheer him on. “We are the Champions”, of What in and a run to his triumph, were the songs that were heard the most on the tour of the Obregon Avenue.

Tuesday 23 February

Oscar Valdez documented the moment you receive the original and personalized belt from the CMB which credits him as a super featherweight world champion. Before, Mauricio Sulaiman, president of CMB, had sent him a video where he described the belt he would receive. His face already comes in the piece, next to that of Jose Sulaiman, Muhammad Ali, Alexis Argüello Y Azumah nelson.

Reaction of Oscar receiving the belt was the best. He was so eager to have it, that he could not open the briefcase that contained it, until he finally succeeded and then began to joke when he saw his photo along with other captions that are on the belt.

A few hours later, that same night, and as a child with a new toy, Oscar Valdez He kept taking pictures with his world champion belt.

Wednesday, February 24

Infatuation with Oscar Valdez with his belt it is evident. Already in the city of Hermosillo, capital of the Mexican state of Sonora, the champion uploaded a new video to his account TikTok. He is seen happy, riding a bicycle, and showing off his new trophy.

That same day, he visited the Governor of the State of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich. They chatted for a while, he showed her his belt.

ValdezIn addition, he gave the president the glove with which he knocked out Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt on February 20.

“What a pleasure to meet the world champion boxing super featherweight, all Sonoran pride and an example of perseverance for our young athletes. Thank you for giving me the glove with which you won the fight, and for putting Sonora on top of the world, ”was what the governor wrote on social networks.

Thursday 25 February

The champion also posted on his social networks a piñata that they made for him, with everything and his world title. Something that surely made the boxer very happy to see this detailed figure, since even his chest tattoo has.

Oscar Valdez, already more relaxed from his commitments, he continued to publish stories on Instagram, living with his pets.

The testimony of the happiest week in the life of Oscar Valdez, after the most important triumph of his career.

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