The UAR informed the unions of the measures on the scrum, which will be a pull-out from youth to the upper squad

The UAR informed the unions of the measures on the scrum, which will be a pull-out from youth to the upper squad

Officially the Argentine Union by Rugby informed the provincial unions of the disposition and measures taken regarding the formation of the scrum for the resumption of amateur tournaments.

The UAR leader, GabrieL Travaglini assured SCRUM that all the measures ordered were informed to the respective unions. “The definition was taken by Safe Rugby after the meeting at World Rugby and the analysis of the concerns of all the unions in the world through the return of amateur rugby to activity.”

On the other hand, Travaglini assured: “The pull-out was decided to start, the return to the push will be gradual through a series of corresponding steps.”

The letter sent by the UAR in the first instance informed the provincial unions that:

The scrum will be played with the modality “Pull, pull”, meaning that the team that introduces the ball will be the one that will have it.

1. Before introducing the ball, which will be done according to the regulations, it must be achieved

to. The three times marked for the coupling.
b. Players must be in a push position.
c. The scrum must be stable.

2.During the introduction

to. Both teams must perform an isometric exercise, which involves muscle tension but does not generate movement of contraction and extension of the muscles, that is, there is no push but they must activate the muscles while maintaining a correct posture.
b. The team throwing in the ball must hit it. In the event that they do not, the game will be resumed with a free kick in favor of the team that did not introduce the ball. Scrum cannot be ordered as an option.

3. After the introduction.

to. The ball must be played outside the scrum, once available, within five seconds. In the event that the game is not played in that time, the game will resume with a free kick in favor of the team that did not introduce the ball. Scrum cannot be ordered as an option.
b. There will be no scrum resets. In the event that the game occurs, it will be resumed with a free kick in favor of the team that introduced the ball. That free kick cannot be played until the defending team has a reasonable time to position itself. Scrum cannot be ordered as an option.

These regulations will be in force in all unions in the country until the reports received from the union’s security referent indicate that the second phase can be passed, which will consist of pushing up to one and a half meters in all divisions.

After receiving many inquiries from the different unions, the UAR issued another letter explaining the reason for the decisions taken:

At the World Rugby Development meeting last Tuesday, most of the unions present and all of the most important ones, stated that their amateur rugby had started to play the scrum with the “pull out” modality attentive to the amount of time that due to the pandemic he was without playing.

In our senior grassroots rugby, since the end of 2016, a little over four years ago, no more than one and a half meters have been pushed in the scrum. After extending this measure, at the request of the unions in the city of Rosario until the end of the 2019 season, it had been scheduled for 2020 to return to full thrust in seniors, prior to completing specific training. Unfortunately, the pandemic decreed at the beginning of that year, which led to the suspension of activities, left the project truncated. The desired start of activities in 2021, authorized by the respective health authorities in most places, puts us in the situation, in order to start the competition, something more complicated since it has been three years that the scrum is not pushed anymore of a meter and a half, added that the last and fourth year, rugby was not directly played. To intend to compete again with a scrum with full thrust, without considering those antecedents, would be not to think about the safety of the players, and to ignore the recommendations of the medical area, physical preparation and the stages recommended by the High Performance staff.

Therefore, we will gradually introduce the way to play the scrum until we get to play it in majors with full push. We establish three stages, with the objective of prioritizing the safety of the player by giving him the necessary time for his conditioning, also giving him the possibility of carrying out and completing the training already programmed.

A first with the “strip out” mode with the specifications indicated in the email transcribed at the bottom, and in which the other regulatory aspects already in force must be taken into account, especially with respect to the number of first lines, accreditation of these as such and suitability in the position, mandatory hooke and scrum height that allows doing so, the obligation to hold all the participants while the scrum is taking place and the possibility of continuing the attack in any of its possibilities (eighth race, scrum half, game displayed, etc.). It is not specified on the turn since it must not exist since thrust or any other displacement of the formation is not allowed.

The possibility that, considering the norm, the push is not practiced in the scrum in the training of the clubs, it would be regrettable since they would be committing an error; It is intended that while playing with the “strip pull” mode, the clubs practice pushing in their training, pack against pack (there is no history of serious injuries in scrum training in rugby in our country), in order to achieve a scrum stable, with correct body position, and the practice of hookeo as indicated by the regulations. We do not doubt that those responsible for the unions will urge their clubs and instruct their referees so that the objectives of this stage are met.

Precisely, to be able to pass to the second stage that consists of being able to push up to one and a half meters, as we finished the last game played, and dispute the obtaining, they must achieve a stable scrum and with the correct body position. This will be verified by the UAR through its professional structures and with the collaboration of security referents and the technical staff of each union. This first stage will last at least one month (includes friendly matches) considering it concluded when the indicated objectives have been achieved and the UAR must authorize the move to the second stage. This authorization from the UAR may be for the entire competence of a union or partial, indicating the divisions or levels of that union that are authorized.

The objective of the second stage is to achieve a safe push. In the youth divisions (up to and including M19) the gradualness with this stage concludes since the game rules establish that in these divisions you cannot push more than one and a half meters.

For senior rugby, the third stage will be passed, which consists of playing the scrum with full thrust, when a controlled thrust is verified with the same procedure and scope, after accreditation by the unions of the specific training required for this formation.

If any union considers that it is a sporting advantage to start a championship with a rule and change it during the same, it may establish that it continue playing with the modality with which it started, even if it is authorized to proceed to a next stage.

We believe that they will share with us the priority that the player’s safety must be, that the scenario forces us to take extreme care and that, as we explained in each meeting we had with each union and its clubs, that this year was one of transition and the The main objective was to return to the game, not to compete, that is why we abolished the National Competitions, so that the clubs could be active again, that the players could meet again with their teammates, that rugby should be more supportive and contemplative, we insist, where Player safety is even more important in the event of non-activity after this great period. However, we are at your disposal to have the meetings that you deem pertinent to clarify or expand what has been expressed.

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