To Óscar Valdez, what belongs to Óscar Valdez

A Óscar Valdez, lo que es de Óscar Valdez

Last saturday came, Oscar Valdez knocked out in 10 rounds Miguel Berchelt and he is the new WBC champion at 130 pounds, in which we could classify as the best performance of Valdez throughout his career.

You can tell that he perfected the style that Eddy reynoso polished him; he followed a plan and executed it with excellence.

But didn’t you realize that most people questioned the performance of Berchelt in defeat, instead of acknowledging Valdez in his great victory?

Boxing fans, and many times in the sport in general, we sin of that. Question what the loser did or did not do, instead of highlighting the executed plan of the winner. That usually happens when the favorite is the one who loses.

In the case of Berchelt vs Valdez, in the previous one we overlooked many factors in favor of Valdez, and we only focus on the strength of Berchelt.

For example, Valdez He is a two-time Olympian. To get there, you have to have a lot of talent and countless skills, which he brought out last Saturday. And all of them, together with a strategy and precise instructions that his coach gave him Eddy reynoso.

Conversely, Berchelt He started boxing at 18, an age that could be too old to start a boxing career. Valdez, in his career, he has learned so much more than Berchelt. Very high has reached the Scorpion, to be someone who started at 18 years old.

Also the wave of blame fell on his coach Alfredo Caballero, who have even asked him to get out of his corner. Maybe they don’t know that gentleman He is one of the best coaches in Mexico and in the world. Much has done with Berchelt to put it where it is. And, asking for his resignation is also an indirect way of not giving coach credit to Reynoso.

In short, in boxing you lose and you win. You will almost always find yourself a better rival than you. This is life: there are better and less better. It just bothers us a lot and we try to find thousands of explanations when it comes to losing.

Simply, Oscar Valdez was higher than Miguel Berchelt. Just as it was Hopkins on Trinity, Gomez on Zarate.

He said it Andre Ward in his analysis of the fight. The only way that Oscar Valdez he could win, it was fighting the best fight of his life. And he did.

TO Oscar Valdez, what is of Oscar Valdez.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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