When? The presentation date of the first Formula 1 of Mick Schumacher is already here

Mick Schumacher

The return of one of the most important surnames in the history of the Formula 1 It is one of the most important news in recent years. Mick schumacher He will be part of the Haas team from the first race of the season, and after nine years, the German surname will be in the Formula 1 paddock. This week it was confirmed when Mick’s first car will be revealed.

After several weeks of waiting, the teams began to confirm the official presentation dates for the cars for the 2021 Formula 1 season. The only one who had not yet given any information about his presentation ceremony had been Haas, who had been greatly affected by the consequences of the pandemic of COVID-19.

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The restrictions that occurred in the most important countries of Europe, made the option of presenting the new car in person very difficult. In the words of the directors of the team, making such a strict quarantine for the sole reason of publicizing the design of the new car, was something nonsensical.

That is why it was confirmed that on March 4, the American team will unveil the first Formula 1 by Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin. After the era of Romain grosjean Y Kevin Magnussen, it was the turn of the youngest. Schumacher will be the focus of all the media, due to the great weight he has in bearing the most important surname in the category.

Other presentations

There are already four teams that unveiled the design that will carry out the cars in the 2021 season. The first of them was Mclaren, who made an online presentation. For its part, Alfa Romeo was present at a theater in Warsaw, to publicize its car. AlphaTauri Y Red bull they did it this week.

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