Mike Tyson calls for Hulu to be boycotted for unauthorized series about his life

Mike Tyson pide boicotear a Hulu por serie no autorizada sobre su vida

After the streaming platform Hulu announced that he will develop a series that will deal with the life of the former boxer Mike tyson, which will bear the name of ‘Iron Mike’ and will feature 8 episodes, all of them produced by Steven rogers. And it is said that he will explore the life and career of the boxer in and out of the ring.

The former champion has broken the silence and in what way, he first criticized this project as it is not authorized by him, calling it “cultural appropriation” in an open letter on his social networks.

“The announcement of Hulu to make an unauthorized miniseries of the story of Tyson without compensation, although unfortunate, it is not surprising, ”he posted.

“This announcement after the social disparities in our country is an excellent example of how the corporate greed of Hulu led to this cultural misappropriation of my life story, “he said.

Tyson criticized the moment of making this news of his series public. “Making this announcement during Black History Month only confirms the concern of Hulu for the dollars and not for the respect for the rights of African American stories, “he said.

He went on to promise that there is an authoritative version of his life story currently in development: “Hollywood you need to be more sensitive to black experiences, especially after all that has happened in 2020. ″

Mike tyson accused Hulu to steal history.

“For Hulu to announce that a black athlete’s story is being stolen during Black History Month couldn’t be more inappropriate or out of tune.”

So far, the platform has not commented on this letter that Mike posted on social media.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a video on demand service that allows users to watch popular television series on U.S Y Japan. It is a co-ownership of The Walt Disney Company Y Comcast.

The platform differs from others such as Amazon Y Netflix in that it allows users to have popular series and programs on hand almost immediately after they are broadcast on broadcast television.

There is no release date yet for Hulu in Mexico, but according to the leaders of Disney It will arrive sometime in 2021.

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