Ryan Garcia blames Pacquiao for not having the fight

Ryan García

Ryan Garcia expressed his discontent and directly blamed Manny pacquiao that the deal was not closed for a possible fight.

Manny He came directly to offer me the fight ”, he commented to TMZ last Wednesday in Los Angeles. “Obviously I would love to fight with Pacquiao, but it was his thing, his thing ”.

The fighter was approached on the street and showed seriousness and discomfort when asked about the issue of Pacquiao. Own Ryan He had announced the combat at the beginning of the year on his social networks as a dream come true, it will not happen at least in the next few dates.

In your account Instagram published on January 24, accompanied by an image where they are both fighting: “It is a dream come true, it will be an honor to share the ring with you, I always admired you for what you were inside and outside the Ring.”

Several boxing personalities spoke out about the fight, but in recent weeks the rumors and comments have gradually faded.

Despite the initial enthusiasm, Ryan Garcia has been cooling off on the subject, and has not mentioned the possibility of a fight with Pacquiao.

Erik “Terrible” Morales came to assure that Pacman would knock out two episodes Ryan Y Eddy reynoso, coach of Garcia, said that he did not look favorably on that match for King himself.

Manny pacquiao He has a lot of experience, it’s a fight at a higher weight against a naturally bigger boxer, ”he commented. Eddy for Boxing Scene.

In the last days, Terence crawford has emerged as the greatest candidate for the return of Pacman to the ring after an absence of just over a year and a half, leaving behind the dream of Garcia.

“I didn’t want Gervonta Davis in 2 rounds.”

Ryan Garcia assured that he has faithful intention to return to the ring to fight against Gervonta davis in 2021.

“I have made it very clear that I love Gervonta. It’s the fight I need. I would knock him out in two rounds, “he said.

For a long time, there is a great pit between the King Y Tank davis, who have constantly exchanged insults on social media.

Even so, Garcia keeps the option open to be able to fulfill your desire to face Pacquiao later.

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