“What a bastard”: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are already having fun at Ferrari

Carlos Sainz

This Friday was very important for the team Ferrari. The team of drivers and the objectives that the Italian team will seek for a new season of the Formula 1. From the hand of Carlos Sainz Y Charles Leclerc, the ‘tifosi’ hope to have a great 2021 and reverse the results obtained in 2020. Both pilots are already having fun on social networks. «What a bastardSainz said to Leclerc, after a joke.

Through social networks, the Ferrari team presented the team. Together with the two pilots was Mattia Binotto, head of the team, who will have the most complicated task since his stay in the ‘Cavallino Rampante’: to look for the title again. After one of the riskiest plays in recent times, Ferrari will have to meet the expectations of the fans.

This is how the Ferrari of 2021 sounds like Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc

“What a bastard”

It seems that the deal between Leclerc and Sainz started on the right foot. The Monegasque filmed it while they waited to enter the room where they would give the press conference to present the team. However, the former pilot of Mclaren he saw Leclerc ‘change the face’ of Sainz, who responded with a laugh, saying the classic Spanish insult “What a bastard.”


After a disastrous season, Ferrari will seek to return to the top positions of the Formula 1 Championship. Mercedes It will be the great team to beat, at least this season. It should be noted that the Italian team is already working on the 2022 car, after the same technical regulations are used this year.

«The constructors’ title is very important and both drivers know it. From Carlos we hope that it will be fast and from Charles that it will be like last year and for that we need a good car and that both of them do it very well ”, Binotto warned at the team presentation. The car, the SF21, will be announced by social networks online, on March 10.

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