Everything happened: the first date of Formula E ended with accidents and even a war scandal

Fórmula E

Expectations for First date of the Formula e they were towering. It was the first time in its short history that the category played a tournament called ‘World Championship’. However, it turned out as fans and organizers expected. Since accidents inexplicable, up to a war scandal which involved missiles.

The race was held in the town of Diriyah, very close to the city of Riad, one of the most important in Saudi Arabia. The classification was given in a very curious way. One of the Mercedes team drivers was involved in a curious accident during the practice sessions, running out of brakes and hitting the barriers. Due to this, the team was sanctioned and could not dispute the classification.

Video: the most shocking accidents of recent years in Formula 1

This Saturday the first race of the season took place, which ended with another serious accident. The winner was Sam bird, but the results went into the background after several shocking images were known. Alex Lynn had a very strong turnaround at high speed, which fortunately would not have serious consequences for the general condition of the pilot.

War scandal

After a rare EPrix, the Arab authorities confirmed that in the area near the circuit they intercepted several ballistic missiles, which could even be seen from the circuit. The videos that were released on social networks scandalized all leaders and the media. According to the rulers, these missiles come from Yemen, with whom he is in a hard conflict.

Yemen was militarily intervened by Saudi Arabia in 2015. To this day, this intervention continues, provoking fierce battles. This Saturday, Yemen would have sent missiles to Riyadh, which were intercepted near the circuit where this Saturday’s race took place. This will be a wake-up call for the Formula 1, which will play in this area on Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia.

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