“I always dreamed of chingonas things”: Canelo Álvarez explains humility, ambition and dreams

Siempre soñé cosas chingonas: Canelo Álvarez explica la humildad, la ambición y los sueños

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez He shared his anecdotes and dreams that he had since childhood, and in passing explains how he conceives humility, ambition and dreams.

“Since I started, I imagined the best, I always believed myself to be the best,” replied the man from Guadalajara in an interview with Ernesto amador of Playing boxing. “When I was an amateur, I always thought I was the best amateur. When I was in Mexico Fighting professionally, I always believed myself better than my state, I won my state. I always beat all of Mexico. I always believed myself and imagined cool things ”.

The Canelo he was inspired by his brother Ramón “The Spanish” Álvarez to get into boxing and how he knew from a young age that he wanted to dedicate himself to this.

“I had already seen him, at age 11 I saw him make his professional debut and he already had a fight at age 11,” recalls the Canelo. “He left and came back when he was two years old, but I already said, that this is what I want to do in my life, somehow I was going to look for him to get to boxing. I put the gloves on and from there I didn’t stop ”.

The Canelo Alvarez He spoke of his concept of humility and ambition. He thinks that Mexicans have everything to think big, but they have to take charge of their own destiny.

“We all have to think bigger and more in Mexico, that we have a lot of talent ”, he mentioned. “People are used to expecting someone else to do things for them, and that is what fails. Let’s not expect anything from anyone, let’s do ourselves what we want to do, what we want for our future. Do not wait to see if so and so helps us, no, you have to make your own way ”.

He also told what he faced over the years when he met people who told him that he was not going to fulfill his dreams.

“I heard many say that what I had were Guajiro dreams and that motivated me more,” he added. “I’m going to show you that these are not Guajiro dreams. So from there you go silent one, then another, then another and yes, as you say, then the uncertainty begins. After that comes everything else. “

On the people who have criticized his career and who consider that Avni Yildirim, rival of Canelo on Saturday February 27, he is not at his level, the Mexican replied.

“The negative make it positive for you, that motivates you to move forward,” he said. “There are going to be people that no chile fits them, it is part of, part of the success and you have to deal with that.”

His first gloves

More than two decades have passed since Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez fell in love with boxing. 57 pro fights later, he thought back to the first time he saw gloves.

“Something very nice,” he pointed out. “When I saw the gloves in the trunk, I quickly went to my friends and put the gloves on and from there I didn’t stop.”

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