“If Khabib Retired, I Should Be Number One”: Star Wants to Dethrone UFC King

"If Khabib Retired, I Should Be Number One": Star Wants to Dethrone UFC King

In these hours, a star of UFC made it clear that he wants to take the place away from Khabib Nurmagomedov. After the possible departure of the Dagestani, many want to take his place in the ranking. “If Khabib retired, I should be number one,” was what he said. Kamaru usman, who seeks to win the first place of the pound for pound in the leading company of Mixed Martial Arts.

That way, Usman He acknowledged: ‘I’m starting to feel like number one, even though it’s still very recent because Khabib fought not long ago and he’s on top so far, but yes Khabib has finished his career, I should be the first in the classification, especially with the absence of Jon Jones now. I have no doubt that I should be there, above anyone else.

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Think of Masvidal

In that way Usman He said days ago: “I said put some respect on my behalf for a reason. We tried to do that fight twice before. He said no. When Khabib Nurmagomedov and I think it was Tony Ferguson they fought, we tried. I called Dana White and said ‘hey it’s a two week notice, I haven’t really been training but I’ll step in if you need me’ and they tried to make that fight, but Masvidal said no. “

This time I will stop him. I promise. That’s why I was disappointed in myself in the last fight because I know I can stop it, but with all the circumstances that happened, I just went out there and mastered it from start to finish. This time I’ll stop him if he wants to step up. He doesn’t want that fight. I guarantee you he doesn’t want that fight. I wouldn’t say if I didn’t want it, “added the Nigerian.

Must wait to return

Just over a week ago, the medical suspensions of UFC 258 were given, where Usman defeated Burns. ‘You need an X-ray of the right foot. If it is positive, it must be approved by an orthopedic or sports doctor or there is no competition until August 13. Minimum suspension without competition until March 16, without contact until March 7, “the statement read.

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