Miami Vice and Canelo vs Yildirim: How did we get here?

El Vicio de Miami y Canelo vs Yildirim: ¿Cómo llegamos hasta aquí?

Today, in Miami we will have the clash between Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and the dark challenger of CMB, Avni Yildirim, for the super middle title.

Miami Vice was a television series starring Don johnson which emerged in the mid-80s and came to an end in 1990, after enjoying an unusual commercial and cultural success for a show of this type. The police drama portrayed, with a strong pop aesthetic element, the decomposition of Miami in the face of transnational organized crime and the war on drugs.

Now, vice moves to the ring. Yildirim is one of the obstacles that Alvarez needs to overcome to advance in his goal of being the first overall unified champion in history at 168 pounds.

But this Turkish fighter represents the main vice of the CMB. And that is, classify fighters with this profile to have the flexibility to create mandatory defenses. With this, he can collect from the title holder, and also from the challenger, their respective fee for these bouts.

Vice in Miami, prior to Canelo vs Yildirim, it is not a fiction. Rather, it is a reminder of the pitfalls boxing continues to face in enhancing its credibility with a wider audience. However the CMB He is not the only one who suffers from this vice. Both the OMB, the AMB and the FIB they also bring it up.

Yes Alvarez he really wants to reach his goal of complete unification this year, he is going to have to fulfill his obligations before those organisms. Making history takes a bill, literally.

It should be remembered that the Mexican icon is already halfway there. Claimed the belts AMB Y CMB clearly in twelve rounds on December 19 against Callum smith. Now you have ahead the monarchs Billy joe saunders, of the OMB; Y Caleb Plant, by FIB.

When the CMB decided to award his vacant title to the winner of the fight between the Canelo Y Callum smith he did so on one condition. The winner would have to defend it against the mandatory rival, Avni Yildirim, within the following 90 days.

And here we are.

This, in a nutshell, is the only reason for this fight to exist. Yes Canelo wants to become the undisputed champion, then he has to avoid being stripped of his belt by the CMB. The only way to achieve this is to fulfill your duties contracted to satisfy the rules of the body chaired by Mauricio Sulaiman.

The Canelo vs Y eventildirim

In a coronavirus world, it will not be possible to fill the 65,000 fans to maximum capacity. Hard Rock Stadium, house of the Miami Dolphins, what with Canelo vs Yildirim, celebrates his first boxing match in 34 years.

However, a socially estranged audience of at least 12,000 people is expected to come to see boxing’s top star and the world’s number one Libra Por Libra fighter.

Canelo will make the second of four appearances in a span of nine months, something unusual in today’s age for a fighter of his level, especially during a pandemic.

After Smith in December and Yildirim in February, Alvarez lines up for a unification clash with Saunders May 8. Then he would face Plant in September to define the status of undisputed.

That’s the plan, anyway.

For Canelo, the showdown will mark the first part of a two-fight promotion with Matchroom of Eddie hearn, the second part is the scheduled appointment of May with Saunders.

Alvarez, 30, was originally scheduled to face Yildirim in a He fights back home in Guadalajara, but with measures against Covid-19 in Mexico that is ruled out.

The threat of complacency at the height of boxing in his 30s is his main weak point. A risk that Canelo tastes good should not run.

For Yildirim, meanwhile, it will be a once in a lifetime experience. He is well aware that he has been dismissed, not only by boxing analysts but by casinos and gambling platforms.

Until yesterday, the odds for the meeting in Miami were on average in favor of Alvarez -5000 in BetMGMWhile Yildirim it was +1500. That means a bettor who risks $ 5,000 on Alvarez he would win 100 if, as he expected, he was victorious.

Currently, the Turk is ranked number two on the CMB. He got there despite losing his only world title fight to the veteran Anthony Dirrell two years ago, by decision in ten rounds, and in controversial circumstances.

In his lawsuit against Dirrell for the title CMB vacant, the American suffered an injury above his left eye. That forced the referee to call the doctor to assess the condition of the stripper, and since he considered that the cut had been caused by an accidental butt of heads, the fight went to the scorecards. There, Dirrell received a split technical decision to become a two-time champion of the CMB before the protest of Yildirim, 29 years old.

Since then the Turk has not fought. In that period he changed his coach and is now under the command of the experienced Joel diaz, who has a knack for making likeable fighters for action and television.

Prior to his fight with Dirrell, Yildirim had participated in October 2017 in the World Boxing Super Series, where in the quarterfinals he faced Chris Eubank Jr. The Brit had no problem and knocked him out in just three rounds.

The last victory of Yildirim It was against the 46-year-old Dane, Lolenga mock, on September 15, 2018.

It is expected that with Diaz, after a relationship of 16 months, Yildirim have corrected some of your defensive flaws and look more explosive. But that remains to be seen.

168 pounds, no undisputed champion

To date, there have been no undisputed super middleweight champions.

The closest the division came to having an undisputed champion was on November 3, 2007, when Joe calzaghe defeated Mikkel kessler to unify the titles of the AMB, the CMB and the OMB. The champion of the FIB at that time it was Lucian Bute.

CalzagheHowever, he was frequently described as ‘undisputed champion’ by some media. Others disputed it, because although it had the titles of the AMB, the CMB and the OMB, had vacated the title of the FIB in November 2006 for choosing to face Peter Manfredo Jr. as your next opponent instead of the mandatory challenger Robert Stieglitz.

That is, in 12 months, Calzaghe he became champion for all four agencies, but never at the same time.

Personal stain

To Miami, both Canelo What Yildirim they arrive with spots in their record of episodes for a positive result in antidoping tests.

In February 2018, Canelo tested positive twice for the substance clenbuterol, which, He argued, it was caused by eating contaminated meat in Mexico.

Yes OK Alvarez served a six-month suspension in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yildirim he was not sanctioned after his positive test in September 2019. An anti-doping test revealed traces of the substances DHCMT Y methylclostebolBut authorities ruled that he had unknowingly been exposed to the substances as part of therapy to treat muscle inflammation.

To discuss

As explained in this article, with the “Miami Vice”, there was no way to fight this fight, to Canelo, as Yildirim is your mandatory challenger.

Like the face of boxing, it is important that Alvarez stay active in a pandemic world and seek universal recognition as a champion during these difficult times for sport and humanity.

Despite all this, the fact remains that, as a competitive match, Alvarez vs Yildirim it is extremely disappointing.


It is an unequal duel and Canelo face one of his worst rivals as a world champion.

Alvarez must establish from the first round his stabbing jab, making the punches of Yildirim slipping off your arms and shoulders. As part of the plan to destroy the Turkish challenger, he will begin to feel the body blows and the backlash from the second round.

The pattern should be maintained against a brave, strong and well prepared opponent, but limited and easy to hit.

Canelo wins by TKO in round 5.

More less

What’s the difference between landing punches and preventing your opponent from hitting them in terms of statistics?

To answer this question CompuBox has created the Plus / Minus Rating (Plus / Minus Rating), which is obtained from the subtraction of the percentage of blows connected in total by two boxers.

Alvarez he is one of the top 10 active fighters in this statistical category.

The More / Less Index shows that the Mexican is in seventh place with an indicator of +13.7, which is the result of the subtraction of 37.4% of the blows that he hits on his rivals, minus 23.7% of the blows that his opponents connect him to throughout a fight.

Vasily Lomachenko, the former lightweight unified champion, is the current leader in this indicator at +16.95.

This is followed Dimitry Bivol (+15.4), David benavidez (+15), Nayoa inoue (+14.4) and Juan Francisco Estrada (+14)

They complete the list Terence crawford (+13.9), Saul Alvarez (+13.7), Berchelt Y Anthony Joshua (+12)

In general it can be said, based on the figures captured by CompuBox, that these are the ten most effective boxers to hit and avoid getting hit.

Yildirim He does not appear classified in this indicator, considering that Saturday will be only his second fight for a world title.

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