Amazing! Former UFC legend will have an unexpected boxing match soon

Amazing!  Former UFC legend will have an unexpected boxing match soon

Surprising everyone, a former legend of UFC assured that he will have a historic combat of boxing soon. Is about Frank Mir (19-13 MMA), who is a former Heavyweight Champion in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. On this occasion, he signed a contract to face the former champion of the WBA, CMB, FIB and IBO, Antonio Tarver (boxing 31-6-1). Notably, this will be in a ring, at 10 rouds, on April 17.

Being that way, Mir He began by highlighting: «It is a great opportunity for a challenge. I always wanted to get into the boxing ring. As mixed martial artists, we always like to challenge ourselves in the individual aspects of what makes our sport the decathlon of the martial arts world. Competing against someone who is a legitimate former world champion does that.

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“Realistically, this is beneficial for me because I have nothing to lose. I go out there, and even if I lose the game, and I intend to really try to win this fight, win it early, I don’t know if it will go 10 rounds. I reach the distance and I look good, that is a victory for mixed martial arts, “he also added to his words, eager to put on boxing gloves.

Know what he’s up against

On the other hand, Frank He also acknowledged: “I know what it’s like to be the guy who defends your sport against a stranger who walks in like I did against Brock Lesnar. It is really stressful, so stress is at its end. Honestly, I would love to keep doing this. I am 41 years old and I am going through my own midlife crisis. My wife makes jokes about it all the time.

“Most guys go out and get a girlfriend or a new Corvette to drive; I’m sitting there and saying, ‘Hey, maybe I can get into boxing. Can I enter the K-1? In which fighting tournament can I participate? I’m trying to find these different ways, because I know that my window of competition is closing in on me », he concluded. Frank Mir, who wants to make even more history.

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