Crazy! Canelo Álvarez’s entry against Avni Yildirim was the best in boxing history

Crazy!  Canelo Álvarez's entry against Avni Yildirim was the best in boxing history

Canelo Alvarez did not go unnoticed this Saturday, after a entry landmark at the Hard Rock in Miami. Before his combat with Avni Yildirim, whom he then knocked out, the Mexican made a really impressive start. He set up a stage, hired a renowned singer and drove everyone crazy in the mythical North American stadium. For this reason, it was viral on all social networks.

In Florida, and with the help of the Latin American urban music star, J Balvin, Canelo starred in the best entry in boxing history. In this way, with fireworks in the background and on the roof of the stadium, the Latino gave something to talk about. Of course, absolutely no one expected a show of that style, although, for their part, anything could happen. It was a glorious night in every way for him.

A mood boost? The surprise Canelo Álvarez received before his return to the ring

To the rhythm of «Mi Gente», J Balvin accompanied Canelo Alvarez to the ring, with games of lights that made everything even more spectacular. However, on social networks they went beyond everything and assured that it was even better than the halftime of the last Super Bowl, between Tampa Bay and Kansas City, which was in charge of The Weekend. Some did not agree, but there were many who thought so.

The fight

Canelo Alvarez made it clear he’s ready for anything after knocking out Avni Yildirim this Sunday at dawn. The Mexican champion dominated completely from the beginning of the contest, putting the conditions that he wanted in the fight, finishing him with his fists direct to the face. His rival, from the beginning of the battle, suffered from the power and energy of the Latin. Without a doubt, a new boxing exhibition with all its lyrics.

With the evening already over, it stands out that the Turk was only able to apply 11 blows in the three rounds that the show lasted, which clearly showed how he was intimidated by the champion. For its part, Saul he completed the proceedings with 67 total blows, 58 of them high impact, where the final right hand is precisely included, with which everything ended. That was the one who sent to the canvas Yildirim, closing the evening.

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