I turned up the volume: this is what Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin sounds like

Aston Martin

Presentations are taking place at the Formula 1. This week it will be the turn of several important teams for the category, among which is a ‘rookie’. Aston martin, from the hand of Sebastian Vettel Y Throw Stroll will seek to release the colors most anticipated by the followers of the Formula 1. This Saturday more details of the car were given.

On social media, the British team unveiled the sound of their first car under the name Aston Martin. The engine that will drive the AMR21 will be Mercedes, and will have the possibility of improving the results obtained in previous years under the name of Racing point. Together with Vettel and Stroll, there will be a renewed aura in the team, which already throbs the season.

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Aston martin

Although the history of Aston Martin is new (in this period of Formula 1), the base of the team goes back a long way. In 1991, Eddie jordan decided to enter the top flight with his team, the Jordan Grand Prix. For 14 seasons he was present under this name, until he finally decided to sell the team.

Then a Russian company bought the bases, and from there the team arose Midland F1 Team, who was looking to bring a Russian driver to Formula 1 for the first time. However, this could not happen, and they finally gave up their attempts, changing their names and directives. From there arose Spyker F1 Team, which had its factory in Great Britain.

Spyker was only around for a season too, until the Indian billionaire’s money bags arrived. Vijay mallya, a renowned businessman. There arose Force India, the first team from that country, that revolutionized the paddock. However, in 2019, Lawrence Stroll bought the equipment that came with serious financial problems. In 2020, Aston Martin invested in the team, and imposed its return to Formula 1, hand in hand with Stroll and Vettel.

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