Malone, surrendered to Campazzo: from the “Cordoba hero” to “I love that boy”

Malone, surrendered to Campazzo: from the "Cordoba hero" to "I love that boy"

Facundo Campazzo continues to give the note in the NBA. The Argentine, who at first was not so considered by Michael Malone to have minutes, going through a phase of “adaptation” to the league, began to be a fundamental replacement for the coach, who every time a Denver Nuggets game ends is in charge of revalidating the importance of the base.

Now after the baggy victory over Oklahoma Thunder 126-96, where Campazzo ended with a template that reflected nine points, one assist, two rebounds and three steals in 24 minutes of action, having been the sixth player with the longest court time on the team, Malone again filled him with praise.

“As for Facundo Campazzo, the Cordoba hero, he plays hard, has a great defense … He was so depressed after this game against Washington because he didn’t throw the ball well, he missed the last shot of the game … But today he responded very well. I love this guy”, commented the Nuggets coach.

Along these lines, he continued:Play hard every minute. He’s on the court and usually always makes the right play. It was a great game for Facundo. He made nine points and is the leader of that group from the bench“.

On the other hand, already referring to what the game was, he emphasized how important it was for his leaders to obtain the victory after the defeat with Washington: “This was a great victory, because it’s the first game of the four on the tour. We know we have the All-Star break waiting right after this and this is a very challenging season for everyone in the NBA. Not just for So I think it’s important to be able to win as many games as we can before the break. ”

Campazzo will see action again tomorrow, from 23, when he faces for the first time in the season to Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

The curious cry of Campazzo when scoring a layup

The “humorous” moment of the night came when, after recovering a ball in defense, Facundo Campazzo ran without rivals on the horizon towards the Oklahoma ring. There, after a soft tray, the ball seemed to rest for half a second on the edge of the rim until finally entering with suspense for the two points. The man from Cordoba, histrionic as always, gave a curious cry that even aroused the laughter of the Denver speakers, who repeated the moment during the transmission.

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