Shocking: more images of the Formula E accident are known

Fórmula E

What beginning of the championship did the Formula e. The 2021 season of the electric category debuted this weekend at the EPrix from Saudi Arabia, but the news was not for the winners. Yes OK Sam bird took first place, the focus of attention was on the accident made by Alex lynn and for him Missile war scandal.

The official broadcast of the Formula e he did not show the reason why this Saturday’s race was stopped with a red flag, a few laps from the end. When everyone got out of their cars, no one knew about Lynn’s accident, much less how it had been. So much so, that the podium and post EPrix celebrations were held, as is usually done.

A wake-up call and the memory of Bahrain: how does what happened in Formula E affect Formula 1?

The images of the accident, provided by a fan, shocked everyone on social networks. However, the team driver Mahindra He was not seriously injured and was immediately transferred to a hospital near the Riyadh circuit. Lynn touched with Mitch Evans, team driver Jaguar Racing, who explained the situation to the site.

It was not a pleasant accident. Basically, I was defending hard from Alex at Turn 18 and he got really close to the wall. It did not slacken. Was there space? I’m not sure, I have to watch the replay. I hope there was and I didn’t do anything wrong. But my rear wheel hit me and I had an accident like a plane crash. It was really horrible, ”explained the pilot.

On the other hand, Evans said he was very concerned about the health of Lynn, whom he considers a friend. “At one point I could see him flying above me. It was terrible. But the important thing is that it is okay. I saw him bump into the wall and walked over to him to make sure he was okay. You never want to see this type of thing, and less when it is a friend, “said the Jaguar.


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