“We will review the rules”, Mauricio Sulaimán speaks after the disappointment of Avni Yildirim

Mauricio Sulaimán

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of CMB, admitted a flaw in the procedure for picking the number one super middleweight contender, after Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez will dominate Avni Yildirim.

“He looked very good, powerful, he did not miss any blow, he was tremendously accurate. The difference was immense, “said Sulaimán about Canelo in an interview with Social Boxing. “I’m sorry for AvniSometimes on paper it does not reflect the actions and I was unlucky, I had high expectations. It is a question that we have to review the process that is not working with some rules ”.

The Mexican boxer was immensely superior to the Turkish, who never managed to land any accurate blow and because he began to receive a lot of damage and never touched the Canelo, his corner no longer let him out for the fourth round.

“I will, but we definitely have to go back and review what is happening, how things evolve,” he explained. Sulaiman that they will review the regulations and explain in detail what happened. “He was tremendously successful, he was in great shape and that scenario must have been for a better fight.”

When Canelo Alvarez decided to move up to 168 pounds, the CMB managed to get the Mexican to face Callum smith for the scepter that was vacant and put aside Avni Yildirim; However, both contestants agreed that the winner would face Yildirim.

The Turk came from two years of inactivity and a defeat the last time he stepped into the ring.

How did Yildirim earn the right to be the number one contender?

Your handler, Jose Perez, explained weeks ago how Avni Yildirim was left as the number one contender for the WBC.

“The fight is stopped in the eleventh round by a cut that was ruled in principle due to a head butt,” he said. Perez to Jorge Ebro of The Miami Herald on Yildirim’s fight against Anthony Dirrell. “Then they check and find out it’s not like that, but the score from that round 11 was not counted. We appeal and the CMB realizes there was an error. That’s why they leave him as number one ”.

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