Canelo got angry and came down from the ring with expletives at two YouTubers in the post-fight interview, who were they?

Canelo se enojó y bajó del ring con improperios a dos espontáneos en la entrevista post pelea, ¿quiénes eran?

Two YouTubers they sneaked into the ring at the end of the fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez Y Avni Yildirim, at Hard Rock Stadium of Miami, Florida, and the Mexican brought them down from the ring with expletives.

In the middle of the post-fight interview, on the ring, the Canelo answered questions from the press. Behind him, two people in black T-shirts were trying to attract attention. On one of the shirts, you could read the name of Lucas brunelle, a YouTuber cyclist.

The Canelo he noticed and in obvious annoyance ordered them to leave. “Get the fuck out of here!” He told them in English. Something that would translate into Spanish, more or less words, that would immediately go from there.

After lowering them, and still annoying, Canelo he said “Fuckers!” (“Bastards”) between lips. Without realizing, perhaps, the Mexican fighter that the incident was captured in the transmission of the fight by DAZN.

How the YouTubers sneaked into the ring with Canelo

The Youtuber known as Lefty and who also calls himself Southpaw Jake Paul He documented in one of his videos, how was the process to be able to sneak into the Mexican fight. And the whole procedure to get up to the ring. They also documented, in the first person, how was the reaction of the Mexican fighter.

First, they resorted to buying dark pants and T-shirts with the logo of DAZN. Subsequently, they opened a place in the press list and get the wristbands with which they entered the Hard Rock Stadium.

Once inside, and with the company logos, they began to take shots to find the best place to sneak into the ring. Its closeness to the fight can be appreciated with images very close to the show of J Balvin already at the entrance of Saul to the ring.

Their patience began to wear thin when at the beginning of the fight they were not allowed to approach, but in the end they managed to get into the interview at the end of the fight.

When Canelo began to answer, the two YouTubers they no longer had the shirt of DAZNbut the shirt with the face of Southpaw Jake Paul on the chest and with the name Lucas brunelle in the back.

Although at first no one noticed, their jumps and screams caught the attention of the Mexican who turned to see them and, noticing the shirts, asked them to leave and were detained by the security of the Los Angeles stadium. Dolphins.

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