Is it Canelo Álvarez’s fault?

¿La culpa es del Canelo Álvarez?

Last Saturday in Miami, what most fans knew was going to happen happened: Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez beat up Avni Yildirim in a match that lasted less than the presentation of J Balvin, but is it the fault of the Canelo?

Already by the mercy of his coach, Yildirim he did not come out in the fourth round to fight. Or rather, he no longer went out to do what he was doing: throwing jabs with fear, and getting punches from all sides.

This is already the third fight in a row in which a rival of the Canelo seems to step into the ring afraid of unleashing power shots. Remember to Sergey Kovalev, Callum smith and now to Yildirim.

And this, generates a suspicion of why these things are happening in the last fights of the Saul. Especially in fights with Kovalev Y Smith, because of Yildirim We already warned that he is a type without resources to present combat to the Canelo.

Here, the obligatory question:

Is this all Canelo’s fault?

Is there a black hand? If we survey these questions, I think more than 90 percent will answer yes. In that we are clear, but I will play a little to be the “devil’s advocate”.

In boxing history, there have been multiple cases that closely resemble the case. Canelo. During the era of MayweatherThey always said that their fights were bought and that they faced them at the wrong time. In the of Roy Jones Jr.They accused him of not having quality rivals in his weight. In the of Pacquiao was using steroids. Most of the time, the first explanation was to report an ongoing conspiracy.

Now, at the time of Canelo it’s a bit of all of those. Many fans directly accused, and with a simple argument, their former promoter Oscar de la hoya to “buy” the rivals of the Canelo. But the detail is that in two of those last three fights, Canelo has fought under the promoter of Eddie hearn, Machroom Boxing. So from the serve, the conspiracy theory against the Golden Boy, which is also not very loved by the fans, was discarded. The interesting thing is that no one has said the same about Hearn, who was the promoter in the fight Callum smith and now in that of Avni Yildirim.

Anyway, it is very rare to see so much fear in the last three fighters, who surpassed the Canelo in weight and height. And to see them at a level that they did not look like in previous fights, and to top it off, you could hardly see them throwing power shots.

That leads to haters of the Mexican to elaborate conspiracy theories. On the other hand, Canelovers They could say that the person responsible for the rivals being intimidated and looking like this is due to the talent and punch of the Canelo.

The thing is, neither of the two theories can be questioned, nor can we put it to the test. That might make us think that, like many elite boxers of the past, the Canelo Alvarez he’s just paying the fee to be the best fighter in the world.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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