Ivanisevic: “Why would the best in the world invent an injury?”

Ivanisevic: "Why would the best in the world invent an injury?"

When he talks, Goran ivanisevic he does not mince words and does not express himself with euphemisms. The coach of Novak Djokovic He returned to defend his ward.

“Why is he treated like this? Probably because of their origins, the people of the Balkans have always been treated differently. Besides, Novak is not afraid to speak his mind or fight for the causes in which he believe. It seems that everyone was glad that everything that happened at the US Open happened to him. In Australia he defended his teammates and again everyone hit Djokovic because he is the only one who dares to speak, the others remain silent, “said the Croatian in an interview with Tennis majors.

“During my career I have seen players do all kinds of things, but nobody has been treated like Novak. Finally, we have the icing on the cake. The most disloyal accusation and at the same time the saddest, the last thing, say that he was faking an injury, “he continued. “Why would I do that?Why would the best player in the world invent an injury while leading a match two sets to zero? When it is another elite player who is injured, the simple act of entering the court is considered a heroic act. If Novak does it, it’s because he’s faking it. “

In addition, of course, he spoke about the merits of the number one and his team: “Novak is stronger than the rest, people have a hard time admitting it. His mind is very hard, he believes in his mental exercises and through his relaxation methods he was able to minimize pain as much as humanly possible, in addition to relying on the help of anti-inflammatories. Novak was solely focused on the title from the moment he landed in Australia. He’s 18 now, and I think Nadal is going to win at least one more Roland Garros, so it was important to him to keep up. The race is still open and just as interesting. “

On the other hand, it gave clues about your calendar: “I am convinced that he will play a couple of clay tournaments before Roland Garros, a turf tournament before Wimbledon and then we have the Olympics before the US Open. We will see what happens with the indoor tour, but if we take stock yearly, maybe I will play two or three less tournaments, which is not too significant a change either. “

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