“Billy Joe Saunders doesn’t have enough to beat Canelo,” explains Callum Smith.

Billy Joe Saunders no tiene lo suficiente para vencer al Canelo, explica Callum Smith

Callum smith explained that Billy Joe Saunders don’t have enough to beat Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, your next opponent.

Firm in your statements and with clear concepts, Smith made his analysis on styles and performances, both of Billy joe Saunders as from Canelo. And he does so from the experience of being swept in the ring by the Mexican last December.

“Everybody always said that Billy joe and I had styles that could give him problems (to Canelo), but in completely different ways because we are completely different fighters, ”he said. Callum smith in interview for Sky Sports.

Y Smith explained the characteristics of Saunders based on the strengths of the Canelo.

Billy Joe he’s got movement, he’s left-handed, a bit uncomfortable and will probably stay out of trouble in the ring, “he explained. Callum. “But I don’t know if I have anything to keep away Canelo, as sufficient punching power. It is difficult to connect clean to Canelo and i don’t know if Billy joe have enough to earn their respect and make a dent in it. “

Canelo will beat Billy Joe Saunders, according to Callum Smith

Smith He believes that it will be the Mexican who prevails over his compatriot on May 8 next.

“I see to Canelo finding a way ”, he warns Callum. “Wearing him down little by little, starting to land as the fight progresses. I will always support a Briton, but I don’t think anyone will beat Canelo“.

Smith was full of praise for Canelo Álvarez, and saw the possibilities of Saunders

Callum smith analyzed the boxing of Saul Alvarez, and did not hesitate to weigh his figure. In addition, he made it clear that it is impossible to beat him.

“He’s very smart in terms of the jab. It wears you out ”, he described Smith. “With anyone else, you would use the jab. But he wants you to do it because he’s a counter puncher. So you don’t throw so many jabs and while you wait, he closes the gap without throwing anything. “

“Then he punches you and hits you. You think, ‘How did he connect that?’ It keeps you guessing all the time. You are undecided. His best virtue was his presence and his defense. It was so hard to hit clean. When I was pitching, he dodged them, making me miss. You’re not landing punches, so you completely stop committing to throwing punches. He takes away from you what you are good at ”, said the English boxer.

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