Four titles at stake! Confirmed date for the unification of Josh Taylor and José Ramírez

¡Cuatro títulos en juego! Confirmada fecha para unificación de Josh Taylor y José Ramírez

Josh taylor Y Jose Ramirez They have a confirmed date to unify their four world super lightweight titles.

Both boxers will meet in Las Vegas, for the world championships in their versions CMB, AMB, OMB Y FIB. No further information about the venue of the duel has yet emerged, nor about the rest of the members of the card.

Bob arum, President of Top rank, referred to the captivating show dated for May 22. The company announced the crossing on its official account of Twitter.

“This is the best that boxing has to offer, two elite fighters in the prime of their careers colliding in a confrontation that defines the legacy of the undisputed world championship,” he said. Arum. “It’s a true 50-50 fight, one that the fans and both fighters demanded.”

José Ramírez’s confidence to beat Josh Taylor

They say that hope is the last thing to be lost, but reality indicates that Jose Ramirez he is not willing to lose absolutely anything. He dreams of making history, and reigning in the four main organisms.

“I look forward to making history by becoming the first boxer of Mexican descent to hold the top four world title belts,” he commented. Ramirez. “I dedicate this fight to the farm workers of the Central Valley, who are out there every day helping feed the world. This fight is big, but nothing is bigger than vaccinating agricultural workers at this time in the Central Valley ”.

“No excuses, no false promises on social media, no bombast. This is the best fight against the best at its finest, ”he said. Rick mirigian, manager of the Californian. “Jose will have his hand raised at the end, solidifying his status as a member of the Hall of Fame“.

Taylor, and his violent threat to Ramírez

Without mincing words, Josh taylor did not hesitate to warn Jose Ramirez, but with insults included.

“I’ll kick your ass,” he announced Taylor to Ramirez, with a video that he posted on his Twitter.

Taylor owns the belts of the World Association and the International Boxing Federation, while Ramirez has those of the advice and the World Boxing Organization.

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