Your next step? Cory Sandhagen challenged Petr Yan and taunted him: “He’s not big.”

Your next step?  Cory Sandhagen challenged Petr Yan and taunted him: "He's not big."

After knocking out Frankie Edgar, Cory Sandhagen look ahead and challenge the champion of UFC. The American gave his opinion on the current leader of the category. Therefore, who begins to be a star of Mixed Martial Arts, recognized that Petr Yan «it’s not big»And that he would liquidate him inside the UFC cage. As expected, his words made noise.

Being that way, Sandhagen He stressed: ‘Edgar, Major. It’s not big. The fan base is not good. Sandhagen, loses to Sterling. I think maybe Dillashaw. TJ Dillashaw is back after doping tests. I want to fight him. It’s a bit frustrating that Yan got the belt a bit on a silver platter. The guy is making all the decisions and talking like a big man.

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“It’s like you beat Urijah Faber to get a title shot and you beat José Aldo to win the belt. My two wins from now was a Marlon Moraes guy who beat Aldo and I knocked him out. That also annoys me, that Yan can make all these decisions when in reality he has not had problems. I think since the loss to Aljamain, I have shown that it was a flat night, “he explained.

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For its part, Cory he also dictated: ‘I think I have returned. I’ve fixed a few things that were happening in my game and I’m ready to get them back. I really, really want to give that back to Sterling. I like both fights. I think I knocked those two guys out, especially the way I’ve performed and the way I’ve been getting into those fights is just different from the one before.

“I go in and try, as bad as it sounds and this is the fighter Cory talking, not the human Cory talking, I try to make those people go away on a stretcher. That’s what I’m going to do there and it won’t be any different when I fight one of those guys for the title. It would be a bit of both against Aljamain. It would be about the title and it would be about revenge, “he closed Cory Sandhagen.

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