“It wasn’t my fault the fight with Pacquiao fell; they were little things on his side ”, explains Ryan García


Ryan Garcia explained that his fight with Manny pacquiao it did not fall because of him. He warned that they were things typical of the Filipino’s team.

Garcia made reference to the statements of Oscar de la hoya, in which he reduced the negotiations to simple Instagram rumors. The sayings were given in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

“Okay, Oscar, he simply likes to contradict himself ”, he argued. Kingry when they asked him about the fight with Pacquiao. “Everything is fine, everything is love, man. It wasn’t my fault (the fight with Pacquiao fell). I always say yes to everything. If any fight falls, it is on the opposite side ”.

“That is not disrespectful to Manny. He’s a great fighter, he’s a fighter legendary, and he’s someone I respect a lot in and out of the ring. So, you know, it was just little things on his side that didn’t allow the fight to happen, “he continued. Ryan.

Now the comment you made Oscar, which I did not like. For me it was very unprofessional and should not come from the mouth of my own promoter. It doesn’t make sense, ”said the 22-year-old boxer.

Ryan Garcia maintains his respect for Manny Pacquiao

Even with the anger over the fall of the deal, Ryan Garcia maintained their respect and appreciation when talking about Manny pacquiao.

“I must not tell you anything. He is a legend, he can do whatever he wants, “he said. Garcia. “I wanted to fight him. He also wanted to fight me, but everything is fine. Just go and live the life you want to live. If you want to fight with me, if you want to fight against Terence, do what you want. And he will do what he wants ”.

In regards to your next rivals, Kingry ruled out an alleged duel with Javier Fortuna placeholder image, and said that he wants to Gervonta davis.

“Is Tank, or nothing, “emphasized the undefeated. “Fortune he’s a great fighter, but I wouldn’t even think he’d last three rounds with me. Oh hell no, I wouldn’t back down like this. I wouldn’t do that to myself. “

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