The day Anthony Joshua wanted to show off his French to Mbappé and Henry, but he was Spanish

El día que Anthony Joshua quiso presumir su francés a Mbappé y Henry, pero era español

Several months ago, the heavyweight world champion, Anthony Joshua, had a pleasant talk via Zoom with the footballer of PSG, Kylian Mbappé and also with the former footballer and now French coach Thierry henry.

The reason for this meeting was that Joshua had been chosen to appear in the video game of FIFA 21. So they would talk about it.

The talk began very calm with Henry 43-year-old, who by the way is an idol in the Arsenal of England, Y Anthony Joshua 31 years old, but minutes later he joined Mbappe 21 years old.

Immediately, Thierry He asked his compatriot footballer: “Let’s see how your English is, Kylian“. To which the young man replied: “My English is very good, so you can talk to me.”

Joshua He did not want to be left behind and assured that his French was very good too, so he ventured to say in Spanish: “Hello, how are you”. At the end of the sentence so much Henry What Kylian They began to laugh, the young footballer being the one who told him that it was Spanish.

The boxer tried to fix things by saying ‘Bonjour’, but the damage was done and the laughter did not stop between the three.

Later in the talk, Henry he asked Anthony Joshua: “Did you ever think that one day you would be in the soccer video game?”, To which the current champion was sincere and said: “Never in my life. Although I love football, this is my first passion, I never imagined being in the game “.

The entire talk between the three was very interesting and different topics of motivation, soccer, boxing and others were addressed.

Finally, Mbappe He closed this talk by saying that it was crazy to have or to be able to choose a boxer for a soccer game. It was something he had never imagined.

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