Infernal! Jan Blachowicz vows to knock out Israel Adesanya this Saturday

Infernal!  Jan Blachowicz vows to knock out Israel Adesanya this Saturday

The cross between Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya It will be the most important of this 2021, more with the previous one to the red hot one. At UFC 259The two current champions will face off for the Light Heavyweight title. The Pole will have his first defense of the belt, but the opponent could be more dangerous than any other. The Nigerian arrives 20-0 in his favor, in search of his second belt.

Starting with his words, Blachowicz He said, ‘That’s what they say on the Internet, I don’t believe this. I focus on myself, on my preparation, on my camp. I train with faster and lighter guys, I train with guys in my category. I also train with heavyweight guys. Because we will see the day, one day before the fight, and the day of the fight its size and then we will be ready for everything.

Four champions, three titles at stake: UFC 259 is shaping up to be the best evening ever

“That’s why I train with faster guys, lighter guys, my class and with the heavyweight guys. Because I want to be prepared for everything. This, as you know, is a game, this is a business and you have to be prepared for everything. I’ll tell you after the fight. I do not know. I saw him a couple of times before his fight against Paulo Costa and I at the same event. So I saw it a couple of times, but I don’t know, ”he said.

Trust your power

At the same time, Jan he dictated: “We will see him in the fight, the day of the fight and after the fight. You can call me and we’ll see. But for sure, you are going to feel something different than what you felt before. Because in 205, everything is different. Power is different. The speed is different. Even if you train with light heavyweight and heavyweight men, this is just training. The fight has its own rules and he will feel it. I do this all my life. I feel everything inside the octagon there. It will be better for me.

Because I have the legendary Polish power and when he feels it, he really feels it. After the first kick or the first punch, you will know what I am talking about when I speak of the legendary Polish power. I will try to subdue it. I’ll do ground and pound, something like this. All fights start standing up and I also like to fight standing up. Second round, KO by high kick to the left leg for this guy. Yes, this time kick. This is what I see. At this moment in which we are talking », he closed Jan Blachowicz.

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