The best dunks of the NBA All Star Game

The best dunks of the NBA All Star Game

As in every edition of the NBA All Star Game, one of the great attractions of the event, which will be held next Sunday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, passes through the Dunk Contest. There, The most athletic talented figures in the league get all the flashes and applause for their creative leaps as they sweep the hoop. Review the top ten actions in all of history.

1976 – Julius Erving from the free throw line

While the dunk from the free throw line was replicated numerous times over the years, Julius Erving’s is iconic. Not only for the eternal stride and the aesthetics of its movements, but because it was the first. At the 1976 ABA Slam Dunk contest, Dr. J began to trace the path.

1988 – Michael Jordan from the free throw line

LeBron James argued that “If Dr. J hadn’t existed, probably neither would Michael Jordan. And, therefore, I would not have been a basketball player. “ Eleven years after Erving’s feat, His Majesty was encouraged to jump higher than the rest and, suspended in the air, he was immortalized in an image that is part of basketball history. In that 1988 contest, No. 23 defeated Dominique Wilkins in a crossover considered by many to be the best of all time

1991 – Dee Brown, not looking

Far from histrionics with a powerful double, Dee decided to add mischief and difficulty to her shot. He ran, jumped and, to the surprise of everyone present, covered his eyes with his forearm. The ball came in clean and he hung his laurels for pioneering a movement that no one had thought of. Or that no one had been able to achieve …

1997 – Kobe Bryant, between his legs

Just an 18-year-old rookie, the Lakers legend left his name etched in the gold pages of All-Star Weekend 1997, at Cleveland’s Gund Arena. He won the dunk tournament over Ray Allen, Michael Finley, Bob Sura, Chris Carr and Darvin Ham. Bryant was left with just 37 points in the first round, behind Carr (44) and Finley (39), but it was enough to advance to the final and be crowned with impressive action, after passing the ball between your legs in mid-flight. No other representative of the Los Angeles Lakers could prevail in that contest since those days.

2000 – Vince Carter and his iron arm

There are several voices in basketball that continue to consider this individual performance as the best in the contest. They say that the good always comes to the end, but Carter began to unfold his repertoire from the first moment.

He threw in a 360 windmill to heat up the stands, then an alley-oop through the legs and tied the bun to the night with his masterpiece: the classic iron arm between the hoop nets. Power, dynamics and art.

2003 – Jason Richardson overturned backwards and between his legs

Up to this point in history, only a handful of modifications had been made to the dunks through the legs., but J-Rich wanted to go for more and left everyone speechless. He measured the run, made the ball dance between his knees and, to increase the difficulty of the action, closed it with a whip with his back to the ring. He got a 50. Perfect score.

2008 – Dwight Howard and the Flight of Superman

The American center may have become the hero of several boys after his presentation. Dressed in the Superman cape, he intercepted the balloon thrown behind the board by his teammate Jameer Nelson, took off in front of the free throw line and blew up the hoop to everyone’s amazement and Kobe Bryant’s smile in the front row. .

2009 – Nate Robinson and his “KryptoNate”

Dressed in a green Knicks uniform, Robinson, with his 1.75 meters of sheer talent and dexterity, used Howard himself as part of the props for his last dunk. Despite his short stature, he jumped over the 2.11-meter center before burying the ball in the basket.

2011 – Blake Griffin and his jump on a car

Ideas are not lacking in the most important basketball league in the world and Griffin wanted to be part of the history of the All Star Game. All the floodlights were on the Oklahoma-born, who ran with the ball between the buds, jumped over a car and put the ball to sleep in the hoop. Time after, the player himself stated that he wanted a convertible, but the NBA decided on the model of the car and the procedure of the jump to later advertise it.

2016 – The Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon Show

There are several who place this confrontation a step above that of Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins in 1988. LaVine and Gordon unleashed their magic on the floor with sheer creativity, difficulty and athleticism.. Crazy on one side and the other. I fly with the Space Jam jersey, over the Magic mascot, on my back, with twists and a long etcetera that made all of Toronto vibrate. “He’s in the top three of all I’ve seen in 30 years”, maintained the legendary Magic Johnson.

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