Federer: “My expectations are low, but I may surprise myself”

Federer: "My expectations are low, but I may surprise myself"

Roger Federer returned. This Sunday he gave his first press conference for his return to the circuit, which will be in the second round of the ATP 250 in Doha against Chardy or Evans.

“First we will have to see in these first tournaments how training is going and how things are going in games. I am still in the construction period, looking to feel better on the court, to see myself stronger, faster, more precise every day. I hope to get to Wimbledon at 100% of my possibilities, that is one of my goals. My expectations are low, but I may surprise myself just like I did in training sessions over the last three weeks, ”said the 39-year-old Swiss.

Regarding the different world that he will find, Federer noted: “In the first rounds you will not notice a big difference, but when the days begin to pass and the important rounds arrive, such as a quarter-final or a title match, then yes it will feel a little weirder. The feeling of not playing in front of people must be very rare, but here there will be at least two thousand spectators, it is more than zero. Little by little I will discover how everything works with the issue of travel and quarantines, for the moment I am grateful, I am very happy to be able to compete again. If I win a couple of games here in Doha, I’ll be happy ”.

“I did not hear many people saying that Roger Federer had to retire, I preferred to be a little further away from the media.. I think that the time you lose when you are injured you can then add it to the end of your career, once you return. In my case, I have taken advantage of it to enjoy my family and take a break, which never hurts. I also had time to check each result, I was aware of everything that was happening, including results from Challenger or doubles tournaments. The circuit is my second family and I also missed them, now we will see each other again every day ”, he added.

On the Big 3, Federer also spoke: “I think it is a great debate that we generate, a debate that is good to have. What both Novak and Rafa have achieved in recent times is something extraordinaryThey are not 25 years old either now, but they are still there, at the top. Perhaps for them I am, in a way, the yardstick with which to measure everything in terms of age, as Pete Sampras was for me in his day ”. Specifically on Nadal, he added: “I have watched him grow since he was a child, I have seen him in front of my eyes. He is one of those people in the world of tennis that I could call at any time and tell him something that was between the two of them, a secret. I really appreciate that we have been able to build a relationship like the one we have ”.

Federer’s health is the big theme on this comeback and the Swiss said: “Right now the pain is under control, so the next 3-5 months are going to be very interestingThat’s when we will know how the knee responds. I can not assure that it lasts as long as I want, but I trust that it does. These last five days I have been able to train for two and a half hours each day, so the reaction is positive. But of course, competitive matches are something else ”.

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